Two Ram Baler

Source: Excel Manufacturing, Inc.
The Signature Series Models (150 and 300) offer two 75 or 150 hp TEFC motors (standard voltage – 460 V, 60 Hz, 3 phase
Excel Manufacturing, Series Models (150 and 300) offer two 75 or 150 hp TEFC motors (standard voltage – 460 V, 60 Hz, 3 phase). An absolute ram position sensor with an electronic display is included, as is an US wire tie systems automatic 342 tier with turbo motor, an industrial hardened logic controller, and Hardox 400 replaceable wear liners. The system features a 900 gallon hydraulic reservoir with regenerative circuit (1500 gallon with 300 series), upper and lower photo eyes (sender/receiver upper photo eye with integrated conveyor control) and NEMA 12 rated enclosures and controls. An installed and working modem is incorporated for on-line diagnostics and a caste key safety interlocking system.

This product offers 32 in. of true bale chamber penetration that allows for 10 in. of overcharge, an automatic bale release door, bale discharge platform, variable bale size adjustment (42-, 45- or 48-in.), and one spool of 12 gauge ultra high tensile galvanized wire. It has an integrated steel platen wiper, bale counter, hour meter, and an air or oil heat exchanger. A separation door for solid waste and scrap applications is available. The unit can be used to bale office paper, newspaper, OCC, magazines, PET, HDPE, aluminum cans, tin cans, painted aluminum siding, insulated wire, aluminum extrusions, radiators, and solid waste.

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