Company Profile | January 1, 1996

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process systems, sludge drying, composting systems, wet scrubbers, dewatering, corrosion control WATER CHAMP Chemical Inductor proves to be a major step forward when combined with conventional chemical feed systems. State of the art systems require a triad of components consisting of the chemical supply source, metering/control equipment and the Water Champ. The Water Champ is the dynamic component of this triad providing efficient diffusion and mixing. It eliminates the need for injectors, pumps, diffusers, mixers, and strainers. The need for potable or treated water for dilution or as a carrier is eliminated as well. The combination of equipment reduction and elimination of dilution water equates to greater process efficiency using the Water Champ.

WATER CHAMP achieves superior chemical diffusion and mixing in both water and wastewater treatment facilities. The Water Champ operates on the simple principle of applying all available energy directly to the chemical being activated and offers the following benefits and features:

  • instantaneous and thorough mixing
  • energy and chemical savings
  • highest quality materials of construction
  • simple installation and maintenance
  • easily retrofits to any current system
  • submersible and in-line units
Remember, the application of chemicals is limited only by your imagination when using WATER CHAMP!