Utility Tractors

Source: Kubota Tractor Corporation
These new M-Series utility tractors are designed for
These new M-Series utility tractors are designed for farming and commercial use. They have a new look and 5-cylinder engine. The M4900 has 45 PTO horsepower and the M5700 has 52 PTO horsepower. The tractors are available in both 2WD and 4WD, ROPS and Cab models, synchro-shuttle transmission, with hydrostatic power steering and live independent hydraulic PTO.

Equipped with the manufacturer's E-TVCS engines for balance of high power, low noise, minimal vibration, and quick starts, the tractors' engines are also designed to give off cleaner emissions, which result in greater operator comfort and environmentally friendly operation. A four-speed fully synchronized (main) transmission in combination with the Synchro-Shuttle provides 8 forward/8 reverse speeds. The series also has a fully ISO-mounted platform, suspension seat with armrests, and hanging-type pedals for extra legroom. Foldable ROPS with retractable seatbelt is standard.

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