News | March 7, 2012

Veolia Environmental Services Solid Waste Receives 'Green Professional' Status

Madison, WI - Veolia ES Solid Waste Inc., recently was listed as one of a select group of companies to earn the designation, "Green Professional," the second-highest tier in the Green Masters Program. The Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council established the program to recognize local companies that perform "environmentally sound actions" in each of nine sustainability areas: energy, climate change, water, waste management, transportation, supply chain, education and outreach, workforce and governance.

"Veolia ES Solid Waste Inc. has taken the steps toward becoming a sustainability leader in the environmental services solid waste industry," said Tom Eggert, executive director, Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council.

"We are honored to earn Green Professional status under the Green Masters Program," said Jim Long, president and CEO of Veolia ES Solid Waste, Inc. "Innovative sustainability is part of our corporate strategy. It is important to us to measure our environmental impact, educate employees and make these metrics available to all stakeholders and the local community."

Veolia scored highly in eight of the nine categories including waste management and transportation.

In 2010, Veolia began introducing compressed natural gas (CNG) powered trucks to the communities it serves as a safer, cleaner alternative to diesel-powered trucks. CNG is one of the cleanest and most socially responsible alternative fuels available. It produces 29 percent less carbon dioxide than oil and is 90 percent cleaner than diesel in its natural state, thus reducing a truck's overall impact on the environment. This year, Veolia plans to introduce CNG-powered trucks to two additional markets, including Waunakee, Wisconsin.

In addition, Veolia's RecyclePak® program is one of the company's innovative approaches to lighting and electronic scrap recycling. RecyclePak® is a pre-paid recycling service for commercial, industrial and residential customers who want to recycle fluorescent lamps, ballast, batteries, electronics and mercury waste. The program ensures complete regulatory compliance and reduces the risk of hazardous material contamination.

Applicants to the Green Masters Program are judged on a comprehensive range of sustainability issues, from energy and water use to educational outreach and governance. More than 90 Wisconsin businesses have participated in the program and the top twenty percent achieve the highest "Green Master" designation. For more information and a complete list of Green Masters Program participants, visit

SOURCE: Veolia ES Solid Waste Inc.