News | September 20, 2021

Waste Sense Provides Solutions For Every Type Of Waste

Providing waste solutions tailored to a business' needs, Waste Sense helps businesses to cut costs and reduce landfill amounts.

Melbourne (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - With the Victorian waste levy increasing by over 60% in July this year, many businesses will have been hit hard by the rising costs. Providing non-traditional waste management services Melbourne-wide, Waste Sense offers great alternatives for waste diversion from landfill and helps businesses to keep costs down through increased recycling options.

Since its introduction, the waste levy system has significantly contributed to improving waste management throughout Victoria. One of the key purposes of the levy is to help fund and support efforts by the government, industry and the community. The waste levy is intended to encourage waste generators to look for ways to reduce the amount of waste they generate that ends up at a landfill.  

Waste Sense is dedicated to finding the most cost-effective and environmentally responsible solutions to a business' waste needs. Waste Sense works closely with clients to analyse waste needs and work out the best place for the waste to end up.

According to Waste Sense, many businesses do not fully understand the different streams of waste and therefore how to dispose of waste in the office or work site responsibly. Waste Sense creates tailored solutions to cut costs and reduce landfill amounts for clients of all sizes, from the corner store to multi-site high-volume manufacturing facilities.

As a national broker, Waste Sense has an ongoing relationship with waste service providers in all locations who deal with all waste types. Their network includes over 50 specialist providers, which is why Waste Sense is able to offer the best value for money for their clients when it comes to waste management in Melbourne and Australia-wide. Clients who bundle all their waste services with Waste Sense are also able to save time, effort and money.

Waste Sense delivers bin types to suit all waste streams, including front lift collection for medium to high volume commercial and industrial applications, hook lift and skip collection suitable for larger volume, bulky and non-compactable waste, rear lift collection for sites with limited storage capacity and small to medium waste volumes plus specialised services to suit various other waste streams.

To discuss the best waste solutions and obtain a quote, contact Waste Sense directly.

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Source: Waste Sense