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  1. American Recycling Joins TERRA's ‘Done With It’ Mail-In Electronics Recycling Program

    American Recycling provides mail-in electronics recycling options to 5.7 million residents of Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska.

  2. Plastics Recycling: Total announces Plans To Double Its Capacity Of Recycled Polypropylene For The Automotive Industry

    Total has decided to double the production capacity of its affiliate Synova to meet growing market demand for high-performance recycled materials.

  3. PegEx, Inc. Solves The e-Manifest Problem With Latest Update To Their Waste Management Software; The Pegex Platform

    Recently, PegEx, Inc. announced an update to their waste management SaaS platform that leads the way in solving the e-Manifest problem the waste industry has been experiencing

  4. Waste Plastic Converted Into Filtration Membranes

    In a world that seems to be drowning in plastic bottles, recycling this waste into useful materials would help to reduce its environmental impact. KAUST researchers have now invented a way to turn plastic bottles into porous membranes that could be used as molecular filters in the chemical industry.

  5. New Study Could Revolutionise The Way We Recycle

    An innovative new study to develop microbial organisms to digest plastic waste has been made possible following a £1.5M award from the ERA - Cobiotech programme of the European Union.

  6. TERRA Joins The Second International E-Waste Day To Raise Global Awareness About The Growing Problem Of E-Waste

    The Electronics Reuse & Recycling Alliance (TERRA) has joined one hundred organizations from over forty countries worldwide organizing activities as part of the second International E-Waste Day.

  7. Using Industrial Waste As Insulation For Buildings

    ETH spinoff FenX transforms industrial waste into a porous foam suitable for building insulation. Unlike other sustainable materials used for the purpose, this type of insulation is non-​flammable and inexpensive to produce.

  8. Trash To Treasure: Scientists Convert Municipal Waste To Biofuel Precursors

    As the need for energy security grows, scientists are investigating nonfood biomass sources that can be used to create valuable biofuels and bioproducts. Among these sources is municipal solid waste (MSW) — in other words, trash that’s produced every day around the world in significant amounts.

  9. SUEZ Strengthens Its Presence In Montreal By Signing A New Organic Waste Treatment Contract

    The City of Montreal has signed a contract with SUEZ to design, build, operate and maintain an organic waste treatment center. This contract, worth c. €115 million, provides for a two-year construction period of the plant followed by a five-year operating period.

  10. Construction Begins On Milestone’s Upton County Landfill, Marks Largest Capital Expansion In Company History

    Milestone Environmental Services, LLC (Milestone), an industry leader in oilfield waste disposal services, announced recently that the company has begun construction of an RCRA-exempt oilfield waste landfill in Upton County, about 34 miles south of Midland, Texas.