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  1. SUEZ And Five Capital Sign An Agreement For A Majority Stake In EDCO, A Saudi Hazardous Waste Management Company

    SUEZ and Five Capital Fund I (a Saudi CMA-regulated fund) signed an agreement to acquire a controlling stake in Environment Development Company (EDCO), a Saudi hazardous waste management company

  2. Illinois American Water Prevents Over 31,000 Tons Of Treatment Byproducts From Entering Landfills Through Farmland Application Program

    In 2018, Illinois American Water partnered with Illinois farmers to apply over 31,000 tons of residuals and biosolids, rather than sending them to a landfill. In total, 31,448 tons of water treatment residuals and wastewater treatment biosolids from Illinois American Water’s Champaign County, Granite City, Streator and Chicago Metro service areas were applied to agricultural fields across the state. According to Ryan Schuler, environmental compliance supervisor for Illinois American Water and manager of the

  3. Leaf Burrito® Leading The Way In Reducing Single-Use Plastic Waste

    After its launch in 2016, Leaf Burrito®, a REVOLUTIONARY ECO-FRIENDLY REUSABLE YARD DEBRIS TOOL committed to protecting and preserving the planet, recently established its new production facility in Burkesville, Kentucky and is moving into the mass-production phase to meet the needs of a growing number of its target clients to phase out single-use plastics going into our landfills.

  4. EPFL Startup Develops Innovative Method For Recycling PET

    DePoly, a startup based at EPFL’s Valais-Wallis campus, has developed a chemical-based method for recycling PET containers. Its process, which offers several advantages over existing technology, has just won the company first place at the 2019 >>venture>> competition.

  5. Blue Planet Acquires A Sustainable Solution To Tackle Asia's Growing e-Waste Problem

    Blue Planet Environmental Solutions Pte. Ltd. (“Blue Planet”), a Singapore headquartered integrated waste management company, announced today the strategic acquisition of British electronic waste (e-waste) technology company, Smart Creative Technologies Ltd. (“Smart Creative”), which is an established player in the UK for almost a decade.

  6. San Bernardino County Awards 5-Year Landfill Operations Contract To SCS Engineers – Field Services

    SCS Engineers announces a five-year contract with the San Bernardino County Department of Public Works, Solid Waste Management Division. SCS Field Services, the Operations, Maintenance, & Monitoring (OM&M) practice of SCS Engineers, is providing landfill gas systems OM&M, support services, and advanced technologies.

  7. Recycled Mortars For Building Construction

    A study carried out by researchers from the School of Building at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) has shown how mineral wool waste can be a suitable alternative to the reinforced fibers currently used in building materials.

  8. SCS Engineers Develops 20-Year Solid Waste Management Plan For New Braunfels

    The City Council approved a comprehensive solid waste management plan (CSWMP), developed by SCS Engineers on Monday, July 8, 2019. The plan addresses the City’s solid waste needs over a 20-year planning period, due much in part to rapid population growth in the City.

  9. The Consortium Lead By SUEZ Signs A 25-Year Contract To Sell Heat From The Energy Recovery Of Belgrade Waste

    Under the auspices of the President of the Republic of Serbia, Aleksandar VUCIC, and the French President, Emmanuel MACRON, SUEZ, within the consortium BCE1 , signs with municipal heating company Beogradske Elektrane a 25-year contract to provide the Serbian capital with heat produced from the energy recovery of waste.

  10. Power Knot Teams With WMR Waste Solutions To Help UK Businesses Sustainably Manage Food Waste

    Power Knot, the market leader in products that process waste food in commercial foodservice operations, has appointed WMR Waste Solutions (WMR) as its exclusive distributor in the UK and Eire, responding to the growing regional demand for its range of LFC® biodigesters and SBT™ bin tippers.