Product Showcase

  1. North Polar® Gloves for Cold Work Environments
    North Polar® Glove is Warm & Waterproof: Protect your hands with the North Polar® glove. This insulated, hard wearing leather palm work glove is made to keep your hands and wrists safe from ordinary work hazards while working in the biting cold. If you need a warm, waterproof general purpose work glove for cold work environments, then the North Polar Glove has you covered.
  2. Liquid Filling Stations
    Rice Lake Weighing Systems is internationally known as a leading manufacturer of weighing platforms and intelligent controllers. Together, Rice Lake and Feige bring you Feige’s world-renowned Series 10 single container, single drum, and pallet filling stations available exclusively through Rice Lake Weighing Systems
  3. SP2200 Ticket Printer
    Durable and reliable, the SP2200 high-performance ticket printer handles tough environments with ease. A rugged steel enclosure protects the internal mechanism in industrial applications ranging from truck scale reporting to inventory control operations
  4. Survivor LaserLight™ M-Series Messaging Remote Display
    With the new LaserLight M-Series messaging remote display, you can easily slide, scroll or flash any alphanumeric message. Perfect for showing important information, displaying directions, or any general greeting, the new M-Series is available with an 8-character or 12-character display.
  5. Survivor LaserLight™ Series Remote Display
    The Survivor LaserLight™ Series Remote Display features auto learn mode of communication protocols, software configuration menu, durable weather-tight enclosure, mirror function, and much more
  6. VIRTUi™ PC-Based HMI for iQUBE
    VIRTUi is a Windows®-based desktop application that works with iQUBE™ to replicate the IQ plus® 355 indicator Ideal for system integrators and OEMs wanting to provide a PC-based solution, VIRTUi provides the functionality of a basic weight indicator. Load cells are individually monitored and calibrated, making set-up easy.
  7. IQ Plus 710 Digital Weight Indicator
    The IQ plus 710 simplifies data management. Two standard serial communication ports allow the flexibility to transmit weight information to a printer, programmable indicator, PC or other data collection devices
  8. 520 HMI Digital Weight Indicator
    Designed for process control, batching, checkweighing and custom applications, the 520 digital weight indicator delivers an exceptional combination of performance and value
  9. IQ Plus® 390-DC Battery-Powered
    The IQ Plus® 390-DC Battery-Powered features 6–button operation, configurable units multiplier, Supports 4– and 6–wire load cell connections, RATTLETRAP® three–stage digital filtering, and much more
  10. IQ plus® 355 Digital Weight Indicator
    The IQ plus® 355 Digital Weight Indicator features