Current Headlines

  1. PNNL Successfully Vitrifies Three Gallons Of Radioactive Tank Waste

    In a first-of-its-kind demonstration, researchers at the Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory have vitrified low-activity waste from underground storage tanks at Hanford, immobilizing the radioactive and chemical materials within a durable glass waste form

  2. SCS Engineers Provides Landfill Gas Management Support Services For Municipality Of Anchorage

    SCS Engineers and SCS Field Services have been awarded a contract by the Municipality of Anchorage (MOA) Solid Waste Services Department

  3. Total And Polystyvert Join Forces On The Recycling Of Household Post-Consumer Polystyrene

    The Polymers Business unit of Total S.A. (NYSE: TOT) and Polystyvert, a Montreal-based clean technology startup with an innovative method for polystyrene recycling, today announced the signing of an agreement to work together on the dissolution and purification of household post-consumer polystyrene

  4. UNDP Promotes Environmentally Friendly Healthcare Waste Management

    The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has supported three health facilities with non-incineration waste management technologies (autoclaves) and other equipment to improve healthcare waste management and reduce the release of toxic substances into the environment

  5. SAMR Inc. Offers IT Waste Solutions For New Jersey

    The rapid replacement and upgrade cycle of electronic devices and equipment every year by millions of companies and consumers around the world has caused a growing, yet often overlooked problem: electronic waste or e-waste

  6. Rosco To Showcase Waste Truck Equipped With Mobileye Shield+ Technology At NYC Waste & Recycling Safety Symposium

    Rosco, a leader in vision safety technology for commercial vehicles, will be featuring Mobileye Shield+ Technology at the Fourth NYC Waste & Recycling Safety Symposium

  7. Swamp Microbe Has Pollution-Munching Power

    Sewage treatment may be an unglamorous job, but bacteria are happy to do it. Sewage plants rely on bacteria to remove environmental toxins from waste so that the processed water can be safely discharged into oceans and rivers.

  8. Landfills — A Future Source Of Raw Materials

    Decontamination of landfills and open dumpsites could prove profitable — both financially and for the environment.

  9. Advanced Enviro Systems Acquires TrashPro, A NJ-Based Solid Waste Consulting Company

    Advanced Enviro Systems, a prominent force in the waste reduction and recycling industry for over twenty years, recently completed the leveraged buyout of AVR Resource Group dba TrashPro, a Mount Laurel, New Jersey-based waste consulting company

  10. Metallica Commodities Corp. And SungEel HiTech Announce Joint Venture To Redefine North American Metals Recycling And Energy Markets

    Metallica Commodities Corp. LLC (MCC) and SungEel HiTech Co. Ltd. (SungEel) today announced the establishment of a joint venture which will redefine the North American lithium-ion battery, e-waste recycling, energy and metals markets