Supplier News

  1. Up To 10 Percent Weight Reduction For Fanalca’s New Garbage Trucks Using Hardox And Strenx Steels

    Customer demand compelled Colombian garbage truck manufacturer Fanalca to start using Hardox wear plate and Strenx performance steel. And now, with the newly designed lightweight trucks, customers can collect more garbage on each round and thus increase their revenue

  2. Ontario Announces Next Steps To Improve Recycling And Tackle Plastic Waste

    Ontario is taking action to improve recycling across the province and address the serious problem of plastic pollution and litter, as committed to in our Made-in-Ontario Environment Plan

  3. Sacramento Hires SCS Engineers To Optimize Waste Management Program

    The County of Sacramento, Department of Waste Management & Recycling (DWMR) is contracting with SCS Engineers to study and analyze how to optimize the routing, collection, and disposal of municipal solid waste, green waste, organics, and single-stream recycling in the unincorporated area of the county

  4. Plans Submitted For The First Waste To Jet Fuel Plant In The UK And Europe

    Altalto Immingham Limited, a subsidiary of Velocys and a collaboration with project co-investors British Airways and Shell, has submitted a planning application to develop what is expected to be Europe’s first commercial scale household and commercial solid waste to sustainable fuels plant in North East Lincolnshire

  5. From Trash To Treasure: Electronic Waste Is Mined For Rare Earth Elements

    Rare earth elements are the “secret sauce” of numerous advanced materials for energy, transportation, defense and communications applications. Their largest use for clean energy is in permanent magnets, which retain magnetic properties even in the absence of an inducing field or current

  6. GFL Announces Acquisition Of Alpine Group's Vancouver Island Solid Waste Business

    GFL Environmental Inc. ("GFL") announced today that it has acquired the Vancouver Island solid waste operations of Evergreen Industries Ltd., part of the Alpine Group

  7. SUEZ And Five Capital Sign An Agreement For A Majority Stake In EDCO, A Saudi Hazardous Waste Management Company

    SUEZ and Five Capital Fund I (a Saudi CMA-regulated fund) signed an agreement to acquire a controlling stake in Environment Development Company (EDCO), a Saudi hazardous waste management company

  8. Leaf Burrito® Leading The Way In Reducing Single-Use Plastic Waste

    After its launch in 2016, Leaf Burrito®, a REVOLUTIONARY ECO-FRIENDLY REUSABLE YARD DEBRIS TOOL committed to protecting and preserving the planet, recently established its new production facility in Burkesville, Kentucky and is moving into the mass-production phase to meet the needs of a growing number of its target clients to phase out single-use plastics going into our landfills.

  9. EPFL Startup Develops Innovative Method For Recycling PET

    DePoly, a startup based at EPFL’s Valais-Wallis campus, has developed a chemical-based method for recycling PET containers. Its process, which offers several advantages over existing technology, has just won the company first place at the 2019 >>venture>> competition.

  10. Blue Planet Acquires A Sustainable Solution To Tackle Asia's Growing e-Waste Problem

    Blue Planet Environmental Solutions Pte. Ltd. (“Blue Planet”), a Singapore headquartered integrated waste management company, announced today the strategic acquisition of British electronic waste (e-waste) technology company, Smart Creative Technologies Ltd. (“Smart Creative”), which is an established player in the UK for almost a decade.