• SP2200 Ticket Printer
    SP2200 Ticket Printer Durable and reliable, the SP2200 high-performance ticket printer handles tough environments with ease. A rugged steel enclosure protects the internal mechanism in industrial applications ranging from truck scale reporting to inventory control operations
  • Spray Coolers
    Spray Coolers The Aqua-Lator Spray Coolers supplement cooling ponds or cooling towers
  • Erosion Control Blankets
    Erosion Control Blankets Designed for sensitive but tough erosion control, BioNet erosion control blankets are made of straw, straw/coconut or coconut fibers stitched into or between full biodegradable nettings of jute yarn
  • Natural Sodium Sesquicarbonate
    Natural Sodium Sesquicarbonate T-200 removes acid gas from a variety of industries.
  • 1991 Steco Live Floor Trailer 1991 Steco Live Floor Trailer
  • Solid Waste Landfill Design and Construction Services
    Solid Waste Landfill Design and Construction Services Gannett Fleming was selected to redesign portions of a 75-acre, 500 tpd sanitary landfill
  • Environmental Training Library on CD-Rom
    Environmental Training Library on CD-Rom From asbestos handling to wastewater treatment, this one-stop resource delivers the ready-to-use PowerPoint® training materials to give hazwaste, EPA, DOT, and OSHA’s required training--all on one CD-Rom
  • Heavy-Duty Epoxy Floor Topping
    Heavy-Duty Epoxy Floor Topping The Mastertop APS 2046 floor system is a hybrid polymer blend of rapid-curing resins
  • (3) 1994 Peterbilt 320s
    (3) 1994 Peterbilt 320s 305 H.P. cat, HT740 automatic, 44,000 LB. rears, 33 yd. Wayne curbtenders
  • Rubber Flange
    Rubber Flange This Built-in Rubber Flange (BIRF) has a built-in steel
  • Waterless Vapor Odor Neutralizer
    Waterless Vapor Odor Neutralizer Evane/Scent is formulated to neutralize and modify odors in
  • Unattended Weighing
    Unattended Weighing Interface Logic Systems, Inc. specializes in providing automated scale management systems
  • Hy-Tower tarp
    Hy-Tower tarp Hy-Tower is the only TRULY LOW-MAINTENANCE tarping system available today
  • Organic Fertilizer
    Organic Fertilizer Granulite is a nutrient-rich, organic fertilizer derived
  • Flare Monitoring System
    Flare Monitoring System The Flare Monitoring System (FMS) is an electronic data
  • New and Used Waste Management Vehicles
    New and Used Waste Management Vehicles This company is an online and retail dealer of used, reconditioned and new vehicles aimed at the environmental and waste management industry
  • Wood Waste Recycler
    Wood Waste Recycler The HC 5400 Heavy Duty Recycler is a mid-sized grinder that produces up to 395 yds³/hr
  • Front-Load Containers
    Front-Load Containers Par-Kan front load containers are available in capacities from 2 cubic yard to 8 cubic yard.
  • Portable Odor Control System
    Portable Odor Control System Engineered to be a high quality, portable odor control chemical fog delivery system, the MistPro is a compact, energy-conserving product
  • Animal Cremator
    Animal Cremator The CleanAire is engineered to be an environmentally safe system for the cremation animal carcasses
  • Self-Propelled Pumping System
    Self-Propelled Pumping System The LWT Pit Hog Robotic Crawler is a track-mounted, remote-controlled, submersible, self-propelled crawling pumping system
  • Soft Cuff Hose End Reinforcing wire is stopped short of the hose end producing
  • Bioreactor Landfill Services
    Bioreactor Landfill Services EMCON/OWT, Inc. helps clients take advantage of the growing interest in the bioreactor landfill concept, an emerging technology that relies on controlled liquid addition and temperature management to achieve rapid waste stabilization. Our team can help implement an aerobic, semi-aerobic, or anaerobic bioreactor system, whichever best fits a client’s facility.
  • Transfer Station Compactors
    Transfer Station Compactors These compactors are well suited for mini transfer to the largest regional transfer and MRF applications requiring
  • BTM 05 Terrameter
    BTM 05 Terrameter BOMAG'S BTM 05 Terrameter compaction control and documentation system measures, controls and records the compaction process and its development
  • Special Issue from Canada Watch The January 1998 issue Canada Watch focuses on emerging environment/law issues in Canada...
  • Vibratory Rollers
    Vibratory Rollers With performance enhancements in nominal amplitude settings, centrifugal forces and gradeability, the BW213-3
  • Injection Resin
    Injection Resin Designed for sealing cracks and joints in concrete structures by injection, the AV-220 Hydracure Injection Resin uses the variable pressure application technique
  • Remote Inventory Monitoring System
    Remote Inventory Monitoring System The Remote Inventory Monitoring System lets suppliers and end users supervise multiple vessels with an off-site PC.
  • Heavy Duty Rear Loader
    Heavy Duty Rear Loader The Heavy Duty Rear Loader is a standard rear loader fitted with heavier duty cylinders
  • Environmental Regulations Software Tool PlantWare® Audit is a new database system for determining and maintaining regulatory compliance.
  • Pemberton Series II Stick Shears
    Pemberton Series II Stick Shears Expertly designed for maximum cutting forces
  • Composting System
    Composting System This patent pending standard Composting System includes 40 yd³ and 50 yd³ modified roll-off containers, 20
  • Medical Waste For a private sector client, conducted a Mid-Atlantic regional investigation of medical waste management contracts at hospitals.
  • Tow Behind Windrow Turners
    Tow Behind Windrow Turners We build the world’s finest windrow turners and have become the leader in composting equipment
  • Marathon, K-PAC and Galfab Roll-Off/Hook Hoists
    Marathon, K-PAC and Galfab Roll-Off/Hook Hoists Provides the features and benefits you need for easy-to-use, long-lasting, reliable performance.
  • Firewood Processor Model 3040XP-90
    Firewood Processor Model 3040XP-90 Multitek Model 3040XP-90 turns Low-grade Logs into Firewood
  • Lockable Security Containers
    Lockable Security Containers AEP presents a cart designed specifically for the document destruction market
  • Ammonia Deodorant
    Ammonia Deodorant NONOX CDA is an aqueous mixture of surfactants and absorbents developed for use in removing, neutralizing and deodorizing ammonical odors
  • CORRU-FILL - Manufacturer The Corru-Shredder™ can take all your "Old Corrugated Cartons" (OCC) and instantly turn them into a superior new loose fill called Corru-Fill®.
  • Self-contained Compactor The Model CP 7460HD portable self-contained compactor for construction or demolition projects ...
  • Materials Handling Conveyor
    Materials Handling Conveyor Featuring cross-rigid base belt construction coupled with the company’s sidewall design, the Pli-O-wall can keep material in place in most configurations including free-flowing materials
  • Historical Area Information The 1940! Package, along with a VISTAinfo Site Assessment or Transaction Screen report satisfies the 1940 requirements of the ASTM Phase I Standard
  • Demolition Dump Trailer
    Demolition Dump Trailer Built to handle demolition debris and abusive work-site conditions, the DynaHauler/DT Demolition Dump Trailer is constructed of top grade materials
  • AJ-4F Performance Specification Sheet The AJ-4F Hauler™ Fork system lifting and rotating capacity is 10,000 lb
  • Front-Mounted Vacuum Cleaner
    Front-Mounted Vacuum Cleaner The high performance, 16,500-CFM blower on the Vac/All model LV16-FB pulls muck, debris, rocks, bottles, sticks,
  • Drum Scales
    Drum Scales Model 4020™ Electronic (digital) DRUM Scale with 4-20ma standard. NEMA 4X indicator box and solid PVC base...
  • Fountain Aerators
    Fountain Aerators Each fountain aerator consists of a pump, a float, spray nozzle, control panel with a 24-hour timer and ground fault protection, and 70 feet of power cable.
  • Rental Flare Systems
    Rental Flare Systems These rental flare systems are designed and manufactured to provide easy setup, efficient service and low maintenance
  • On-Board Touch Screen Computer
    On-Board Touch Screen Computer These rugged touch screen computers offer a reliable and
  • Ultrasonic Rail Testing
    Ultrasonic Rail Testing Hi-rail test vehicles are contracted for ultrasonic rail flaw detection by light rail, commuter, and heavy haul
  • Glass Crusher Model 318 A medium to high volume glass crusher
  • CORRU-FILL Many of you are currently buying and shipping with most popular loose fill product in the market today, polystyrene “Peanuts". "Peanuts" come in different shapes and bag sizes, however the most popular retail sizes are the 1.0, 1.5, 15.0, and 20.0 cubic foot bags. Despite the environmental concerns and the other negatives associated with the use of "Peanuts" they remain less costly for the shipper and the consumer.
  • Digestion System
    Digestion System The 36-well HotBlock is a corrosion proof digestion system for metals analysis
  • Ecotube NOx Reduction System
    Ecotube NOx Reduction System ECOTUBE ‘least cost’ technology delivers regulatory compliance help you generate new revenue in the emissions credits market, and delivers additional maintenance benefits at 80% below SCR costs
  • Infra-Red Process Analyzer
    Infra-Red Process Analyzer The Xendos 2500 series gas analyzers deliver long-term accuracy and repeatability even in hostile, dirty or
  • Landfill Gas Utilization Software The Energy-Project Landfill Gas Utilization Software has been designed to provide analysis of the economics and environmental benefits of a potential landfill gas-to-energy project
  • Epoleon 3S
    Epoleon 3S Epoleon 3S is specially formulated organic desulphurizer/deodorizer which reacts with hydrogen sulfide for immediate results and reduces within minutes.
  • Floor Scale
    Floor Scale The Floor Hugger scale is designed for heavy capacity weighing
  • Snowplow Sensing System
    Snowplow Sensing System Attached to the rear of snowplows, the company’s heated sensor system is designed to automatically activate the vehicle’s brakes when an object is detected
  • Sewer Repair System
    Sewer Repair System Snap-Lock is a localized, no-dig repair system that renovates the defective section of a sewer
  • Condensing WESPTM
    Condensing WESPTM Croll-Reynolds’ patented CONDENSING WESPTM
  • Compactor
    Compactor The Marathon TS-2000 is said to provide maximum payloads by carrying out compaction in the charge box using the company’s Automatic Density Regulator system
  • Waste-management Module This Executrax waste-management software features the following attributes: system warning (to prevent violation and expirations...
  • Tire Life Extender/Sealer This product is a preservative for increasing tire longevity and retreadability and, according to the
  • Air Contact Odor Control This product is designed to eliminate organic and inorganic
  • New Roll-Off Scale
    New Roll-Off Scale Vulcan, a leading manufacturer of on-board scale systems for the refuse industry, has announced a new on-board roll-off scale
  • Corrugated Cover Hose
    Corrugated Cover Hose This Corrugated Cover Hose is designed to provide a
  • CORRU-FILL - Consumer
    CORRU-FILL - Consumer Many of you are currently buying and shipping with most popular loose fill product in the market today, polystyrene “Peanuts".
  • Iron Armored Joint
    Iron Armored Joint As a joint filler, the Masterplate 200 surface hardener provides the properties of a metallic aggregate
  • (2) 1994 & 1995 MACK DM690s
    (2) 1994 & 1995 MACK DM690s 300 h.p. Mack, 7 speed, 44,000 lb. rears with air-lift 3rd axle. 60,000 lb. Gal-Fab roll-off.
  • Golf Towel
    Golf Towel Hemmed Golf Towel w/ Gommet & Hook, 2 Ply, Sheared 16" X 26"
  • Hauler Series
    Hauler Series Hauler Series Roll-Out Carts feature state-of-the-art rotational molding fabrication for superior strength and resiliency.
  • Slip Ring Hose End
    Slip Ring Hose End This Slip Ring Coupled Hose is a soft wall, light duty hose with a slip ring coupled connector for irrigation and
  • Barbed Tee to Female Pipe Thread Fitting
    Barbed Tee to Female Pipe Thread Fitting Generally acceptable for working pressures up to 150 psi at normal room temperatures. At very low pressures, temperatures can approach 175degF with no degradation of the fitting's strength. Good resistance to a fairly broad range of chemicals. Nylon fittings are not intended for use with compressed gases or acid-based chemicals.
  • Pond-X2 Odor Eliminator The Pond-X2 odor eliminator is a formulation of metal ions that provides odor control for ponds, lagoons, low flow collection systems
  • Liquid Combustor
    Liquid Combustor Designed to be an environmentally safe system, the Liqui-Tec can be used for on-site combustion of flammable liquids
  • Lateral Repair System
    Lateral Repair System CSR Pipeline Systems introduced the IHC System (Intralaminar Heat Cure). This system was designed to...
  • Sludge Meter
    Sludge Meter The EZ-BOD Meter is programmed to provide sludge stability lower than U.S. 503 regulations. The oxygen...
  • Web-Based Respirator-Selector Program
    Web-Based Respirator-Selector Program 3M Select Software is now FREE on the Net.
  • Portable Vehicle Scale
    Portable Vehicle Scale The EPR is a portable, electronic vehicle scale that can be moved from site to site
  • New Mack Roll-Off Trucks
    New Mack Roll-Off Trucks These new 2001 Mack Roll-Offs feature a 350 hp Mack engine,
  • Self-contained Composting Aerators
    Self-contained Composting Aerators The horizontal aerator provides an economical mechanical solution for dewatering sludge in beds, building windrows, blending bulking agents or additives, pulverizing and aerating or water mixing for aerobic composting
  • Mega Low Profile Cotton Twill Cap w/ Snap Back Colors: Black, Navy, Dk Gree, Khaki, Red, Natural, White
  • Transfer Trailers & Trucks
    Transfer Trailers & Trucks Whether you need open top or closed top trailersÉaluminum or steel Éthere is a McClain E-Z Pack¨ trailer to meet your needs; a trailer thatÕs engineered and built to high standards for durability, safety and ease of maintenance.
  • Mammoth Series Truck
    Mammoth Series Truck specifications of the Mammoth Series Truck
  • Overhead Magnetic Separators
    Overhead Magnetic Separators These overhead magnetic separators are suspended over a conveyor line to remove ferrous metal from the product
  • Volclay CG-50
    Volclay CG-50 Volclay CG-50 is a high-swelling, low dust, granular sodium bentonite used for soil-bentonite liner applications
  • Thermocouple Assemblies
    Thermocouple Assemblies Thermocouple Technology, Inc. introduces their new Kwik-Ship Thermowell Assemblies
  • Shredder Discharge Conveyors
    Shredder Discharge Conveyors Rugged Para-Mount II Conveyors are ideal for the extreme forces of auto shredder discharge,
  • Grate Magnets
    Grate Magnets Grate magnets remove small particles of ferrous metal from
  • PLATE SETTLING SYSTEM Water Online Product Release Conventional plate settling systems have many virtues and at least ...
  • Single Stream Separator Fully automated with integrated electrical controls, this Mach One Single Stream Separator delivers output up to 20
  • Marathon and Galfab Roll-Off Containers
    Marathon and Galfab Roll-Off Containers A complete line in all sizes and capacities for general purposes, as well as for specialized requirements are available.
  • Processing Device
    Processing Device The SM is a versatile processing device with the ability to
  • Xpress Waste Press
    Xpress Waste Press Our new series of compressed-air-driven waste presses. The waste is compressed directly into a thick plastic bag
  • Pre-Incineration Thermal Treatment
    Pre-Incineration Thermal Treatment Each year, increasing numbers of thermal treatment facilities opt for slow-speed, high-torque shredders
  • 1987 Yankee Live Floor Trailer 1987 Yankee Live Floor Trailer
  • EZ10TR Mini Roll Off System
    EZ10TR Mini Roll Off System Finally a commercial grade mini roll off system that offer's the highest quality in this size
  • Landfill Gas Management Systems
    Landfill Gas Management Systems As solid waste in landfills decomposes, it generates gas. If not controlled and monitored properly, this gas can