• Trommel
    Trommel The Olympian stand 13 ft 5 in. tall, extends 57 feet and weighs more than 72,000 pounds
  • POLY DURA KAN Front Load Containers
    POLY DURA KAN Front Load Containers Poly Dura Kan front load containers are designed for use with most front load truck bodies with pockets.
  • Keyless Starter
    Keyless Starter The "smart" keyless starter with shock abuse monitor, maintenance scheduling, and memory downloading is designed to replace keys insuring that only trained and authorized operators can operate the vehicle
  • Tag-Axle Rear Loader
    Tag-Axle Rear Loader The Tag-Axle Rear Loader is designed as a heavy duty rear loader in states with strict weight restrictions
  • Model 6040: Transportable Sorting Station
    Model 6040: Transportable Sorting Station Model 6040: Transportable Sorting Station
  • ASTEC System
    ASTEC System The ASTEC system is designed for efficiency, flexibility and reliability.
  • Solvent Safety Database The Solvent Safety Database, distributed on CD-ROM, covers more than 4,300 solvents and solvent-containing compounds from chemical manufacturers
  • Solid Waste Management
    Solid Waste Management This company offers a full range of consulting services.
  • Street Sweeper
    Street Sweeper Available with options for catch basin cleaning and leaf collection, the Model LV10-SC street sweeper can clean sand, gravel, wet or dry leaves, and asphalt millings
  • The Extruder/Feeder
    The Extruder/Feeder A Continuous Feed Auger System For Incineration
  • Rubber Roll-Off Wheels
    Rubber Roll-Off Wheels These series RIT/L-RO roll-off wheels are made from reprocessed large-vehicle tires
  • 21,000 Gallon Stainless Steel Tank
    21,000 Gallon Stainless Steel Tank Stainless Steel construction from 304L stainless stell, totally enclosed, permanently attached axles for maximum maneuverability
  • Protective Inner Shell
    Protective Inner Shell The Roto-Liner is easily installed with eight ½-in.
  • Power Pruner
    Power Pruner The lightweight, portable power pruners are designed for use by tree service firms, landscapers, tree farmers, foresters, and utility companies
  • SOFTWARE DataField 2.0 has new features and additional capabilities that significantly improve productivity and ease-of-use over earlier versions
  • Self-Contained Compactor/Containers
    Self-Contained Compactor/Containers Ideal for commercial applications that generate a high percentage of wet waste, the combination compactor
  • Landfill Compactor - Trashmaster 3-90C
    Landfill Compactor - Trashmaster 3-90C The CMI Trashmaster 3-90 is the most powerful landfill compactor in the world
  • "Big" Bale Press - Model 509 For pressing cardboard, paper, plastic foil, polystyrene, textiles, crates and wet waste
  • Construction Unit
    Construction Unit The K008 is designed for powerhouse performance in the most
  • Heavy Duty Vacuum Load Container
    Heavy Duty Vacuum Load Container Heavy Duty Vacuum Load Container
  • Roll on/Roll Off Energy Assisted Unit
    Roll on/Roll Off Energy Assisted Unit To be utilized with the standard polymer mixing and dosing unit
  • Metallic Aggregate Colored Surface Hardener
    Metallic Aggregate Colored Surface Hardener Masterplate 200 dry shake surface hardener is an iron-armored, ready-to-use cementitious dry shake floor hardener
  • MRFManager MRFManager adds the functionality to ScaleManager by tracking the volume and weight of the different grades within the loads being brought in and out of a transfer station, recycling center or landfill
  • Tub Grinder
    Tub Grinder The model 1300 is well suited for very large, industrial
  • Solid Waste Management Software SKC WasteModel is a software program for the modeling and analysis of solid waste management scenarios in metropolitan and urban areas
  • FX Series Fan Systems
    FX Series Fan Systems The FX series of fans are available for most equipment and provides improved ease in installation
  • Vibratory Feeders - Heavy-duty
    Vibratory Feeders - Heavy-duty

    Eight models for large capacity and difficult material handling operations up to 850tph (765mtph)...

  • Fury 400 Tank Washers
    Fury 400 Tank Washers The Fury 400 tank washer is for cleaning food grade tanks. Constructed of stainless steel
  • Urban Waste Series adds New Book The Urban Waste Expertise Programme (UWEP) has added a fifth title to its Urban Waste Series: "Solid Waste Management in Latin America—The case of small and micro-enterprises"
  • Light Duty Roll on/Roll off Tilt Bed
    Light Duty Roll on/Roll off Tilt Bed For light duty only up to 10 tons of dry material
  • CASCADE Residential Cart Systems
    CASCADE Residential Cart Systems Cascade Residential Cart Systems have been designed by solid waste professionals to
  • Wellhead
    Wellhead The Flow Wellhead with a TimeSaver HDPE butterfly valve is designed for use in harsh landfill conditions
  • SBA Loans
    SBA Loans Ablenet has been helping people finance their business dreams since 1983. We have a group of dedicated professionals ready to help you. No need for meetings and appointments
  • COD Reactor
    COD Reactor Bioscience, Inc. offers an expanded 30-tube reactor for those laboratories completing a large number of...
  • Push-Button Couplers
    Push-Button Couplers Push-Button Couplers are available in Industrial, Tru-Flate and ARO Interchange designs
  • Heavy-Duty Metallic Aggregate Floor Topping for Concrete
    Heavy-Duty Metallic Aggregate Floor Topping for Concrete The Mastertop 300 Anvil-Top metallic aggregate floor systems can be used in waste transfer facilities
  • Dewatering Screen
    Dewatering Screen The Velco Dewatering Screen from Linatex is exhibited in 5-page, full-color brochure. The brochure describes the different...
  • 1993 G&H Rear Loader
    1993 G&H Rear Loader 3 compartment 30 yd. body. Each compacts and ejects separately
  • Self-contained Compactor The Model CP 7460HD portable self-contained compactor for construction or demolition projects ...
  • The ViewMaster™
    The ViewMaster™ Finally, a dual remote mirror system designed for maximum serviceability
  • CONSUMER COMMODITY DESTRUCTION & DISPOSAL Anywaste deals with many companies that manufacture and distribute over thousands of products. It is when these products are returned or are defective that problems
  • Product Information Piece
    Product Information Piece This heavy-stock, six-page, gatefold sales brochure for the SP-23 solvent purification system uses...
  • TurboClean Thermal Oxidizer
    TurboClean Thermal Oxidizer NCE Corporation manufactures the TurboClean Thermal Oxidizer, one of the most versatile waste treatment products currently available
  • Mobile Fingerscreener 165
    Mobile Fingerscreener 165 The Erin Fingerscreener 165 is an extreme mobile screening machine
  • Lifter/Transporter
    Lifter/Transporter A variety of capacities, lifting heights and configurations are available for the Dandy Lift Lifter/Transporter
  • PH Sensor Systems
    PH Sensor Systems A line of four pH meters and ten pH probes based on rugged ISFET (Ion Sensitive Field Effect Transistor) sensor technology has been released
  • Compliance Check Service
    Compliance Check Service The BLR Environmental Compliance Service is a reference that covers both federal- and state-compliance requirements for environmental topics
  • Soil Reinforcement Products
    Soil Reinforcement Products The Enkagrid family of high-performance engineered soil reinforcement products provides support for soil structures
  • Disaster Response/Environmental
    Disaster Response/Environmental You see the headlines throughout the year: ice storms in the north, hurricanes in the south, floods in the central plains, earthquakes in the west
  • Wood Fiber Mat
    Wood Fiber Mat QUICKGRASS is a green, wood fiber mat constructed from 100% Aspen curled fibers with a green, photo-degradable netting
  • Digestion System
    Digestion System The 36-well HotBlock is a corrosion proof digestion system for metals analysis
  • Construction/Demolition processing facilities
    Construction/Demolition processing facilities Bulk Handling Systems has designed and manufactured several Construction/Demolition processing facilities. Each system is designed to facilitate the recovery of ferrous, corrugated containers, fines, and other recyclables
  • Straight Refuse Container
    Straight Refuse Container This straight, rear load container is suitable for
  • Tuf-Trac Magnetic Conveyor
    Tuf-Trac Magnetic Conveyor

    Tuf-Trac automatically moves ferrous materials such as chips, turnings and small parts in virtually any direction.

  • Cut-End Hose Coupling
    Cut-End Hose Coupling This is a reusable flange coupling bolted to the outer body
  • Polished-Aluminum Tarp Systems By combining various aluminum components, the manufacturer
  • Crane
    Crane CRANE, two models designed to pick up hard-to-move items when away from fixed lifting sites
  • Boring System
    Boring System The Pro-Vac Directional Boring System has space available for water tank and pressure washer for pothole applications
  • Flare Systems
    Flare Systems

    LFG Specialties is the first company to dedicate its engineering and production facilities to the design and manufacture of landfill gas extraction, control and recovery equipment and systems.

  • Portable Compactors
    Portable Compactors Octamagª portable compaction systems by McClain E-Z Pack¨ are designed for applications where the available space will not allow installation of a stationary compactor.
  • Insurance Program
    Insurance Program WASTEPAC is a specially designed insurance program for the
  • Auto-Mate Series Truck
    Auto-Mate Series Truck Features of our Auto-Mate Series Truck
  • Chipper
    Chipper The Bear Cat 73413 Chipper from Crary Bear Cat is now available. This chipper was designed to be used at home or commercial...
  • 1990 VOLVO WG64
    1990 VOLVO WG64 270 h.p. Cummins, 8 speed, 40,000 lb. rears, Galbreath "dead-lift" roll-off with box.
  • Waterless Vapor Odor Neutralizer
    Waterless Vapor Odor Neutralizer Evane/Scent is formulated to neutralize and modify odors in
  • Plain Hose End
    Plain Hose End Reinforcing wire is run through the length of the hose.
  • 1987 Yankee Live Floor Trailer 1987 Yankee Live Floor Trailer
  • Brake Power 2
    Brake Power 2 Brake Power 2 is a non-chlorinated brake parts cleaner
  • Shredder Power Monitoring Every solid-waste shredder made by this company now is equipped with a power-monitor system that gauges true motor power output ...
  • Model CF35D2 / BF35D2 Portable Screening Plants
    Model CF35D2 / BF35D2 Portable Screening Plants SCREEN USA Model CF35D2 / BF35D2 are heavy-duty, portable screening plants designed for the small producer with a one to three yard bucket loader
  • Pond-X2 Odor Eliminator The Pond-X2 odor eliminator is a formulation of metal ions that provides odor control for ponds, lagoons, low flow collection systems
  • Convert-A-Cap SC01 Head Protector
    Convert-A-Cap SC01 Head Protector Convert any baseball cap into a piece of protective headgear offering a mild form of head protection.
  • Processing Device
    Processing Device The SM is a versatile processing device with the ability to
  • Medium Duty Rotating Light Bar
    Medium Duty Rotating Light Bar This medium duty 48" light bar operates at 12 VDC and provides 400 FPM (front and rear).
  • NaturTech Composting System The patent pending NaturTech Composting System includes 40 cubic yard and 50 cubic yard modified roll-off containers, 20 cubic yard biofilter containers, positive fresh air delivery, negative process air removal, computerized process control and data logging, training and an operations manual.
  • Medium Duty Mini Strobe Bar
    Medium Duty Mini Strobe Bar This model of medium duty 5350 strobe bar is 15" long with an amber dome and two clear filters.
  • Little Triple R Can®
    Little Triple R Can® People remember the little things others do for them
  • Alternate Methods Composting can be accomplished in a few days by using a magic Black Box or by using a Super innoculant.
  • (4) 1992 AND 1991 FORD F800 Grapple trucks
    (4) 1992 AND 1991 FORD F800 Grapple trucks (4) 1992 AND 1991 FORD F800 Grapple trucks diesel, automatic, Petersen Lightning Loader
  • Landfill Gas Vent Flares
    Landfill Gas Vent Flares The CF-5 solar ignition, low pressure gas vent flare offers a means for landfill gas odor control
  • Safety/Environment Control System Providing real-time environmental information, Xenvi is an integrated safety and environment control system
  • Material Collection
    Material Collection The TWISTER is an efficient, low maintenance direct drive
  • Waste Container Bag Liners
    Waste Container Bag Liners H.Q.N. manufactures heavy-duty polyethylene covers and liners for most waste containers in use
  • Gabions
    Gabions Box gabions consist of rectangular units, fabricated from double-twist, hexagonal mesh of soft annealed, heavily zinc
  • 1997 Ford L9000
    1997 Ford L9000 300 H.P. cat, 9 speed, 46,000 LB. rears
  • Thermo Scientific microPHAZIR RX
    Thermo Scientific microPHAZIR RX Thermo Scientific microPHAZIR RX is a handheld NIR material analyzer designed for rapid on-site pharmaceutical material identification.
  • Drum Scales
    Drum Scales Model 4020™ Electronic (digital) DRUM Scale with 4-20ma standard. NEMA 4X indicator box and solid PVC base...
  • Hydraulic Feed Chipper
    Hydraulic Feed Chipper This 20hp Honda OHV 5-in. chipper features a live hydraulic feed system with factory installed electronic feed sensor.
  • Water-Based Aerosol Odor Neutralizers Bio/Scent Super Concentrate contains 100% active ingredients and is designed to be diluted with water in the field
  • Environmental Law Handbook
    Environmental Law Handbook The fourteenth Edition of the Environmental Law Handbook is now available from Government Institutes...
  • DataManager DataManager is a single solution for secured back up and recovery of data
  • 3M(TM) Particulate Respirator 9210 and 9211, N95
    3M(TM) Particulate Respirator 9210 and 9211, N95 3M(TM) Particulate Respirator 9210 and 9211, N95
  • Hydraulic Power Units
    Hydraulic Power Units Fluid Power Specialists
  • Erosion Control Blankets
    Erosion Control Blankets Designed for sensitive but tough erosion control, BioNet erosion control blankets are made of straw, straw/coconut or coconut fibers stitched into or between full biodegradable nettings of jute yarn
  • Public Affairs For a private sector client, created a medical waste management newsletter featuring timely reports on subjects such as the difference between waste assessments and audits, bloodborne pathogen regulations, DOT packaging standards, and waste manifesting.
  • Steel Body Dump Trailer
    Steel Body Dump Trailer The DynaHauler FTA is built to handle excavation, construction materials and other demanding applications
  • Waste to Energy Technology
    Waste to Energy Technology Landfill space in many parts of the world is at a premium. Many countries are finding that they must explore alternatives to burying their refuse
  • Portable Crane
    Portable Crane The 5124 Series Portable Davit Crane features a ratchet-style screw-jack which operates manually to adjust boom angle
  • Body Side Door
    Body Side Door Body Side Door
  • News Separator
    News Separator This Mach Two News Separator allows the user to switch