• StreetManager StreetManager is a vehicle routing analysis tool which allows businesses to calculate the shortest route for trucks
  • Recycling Tracked and completed detailed survey investigation of Materials Recovery Facility operations across the U.S. for the Governmental Advisory Associates Materials Recovery Yearbook.
  • Computerized History System
    Computerized History System Every Crane or Hoist we Service, Inspect or Repair is included in our computerized history file
  • New Volvo Roll-Off Trucks
    New Volvo Roll-Off Trucks These new 2002 Volvo Roll-Offs feature a 335 hp Cummins engine, 8 speed transmission, 44,000-lb. rears,
  • Chemical Process Controller
    Chemical Process Controller The Scaletron™ Model 1099™ Chemical Process Controller is central to the Scaletron Industries, Ltd. “Total Electronic” system...
  • Deionization &mdash; Demineralization: <b>Recoflo&reg; Demineralizer</b>
    Deionization — Demineralization: Recoflo® Demineralizer Reduce costs, reduce space requirements, and produce high purity water with innovative Recoflo® technology. Eco-Tec’s Recoflo® Demineralizer offers proven efficiency, reduced waste generation, and low operating costs without the need for a mixed-bed polisher.
  • Landfill Gas Utilization Software The Energy-Project Landfill Gas Utilization Software has been designed to provide analysis of the economics and environmental benefits of a potential landfill gas-to-energy project
  • Multiple Hearth, Fluid Bed Furnaces A four-color, eight-page brochure describes a line of multiple hearth and fluid bed furnaces
  • Cabana Sprays
    Cabana Sprays These sprays are long lasting fragrance boosters, well
  • Grease Distributor
    Grease Distributor The Monomaster can be used for both automatic lubrication and central manual greasing layouts
  • Multi-System Design Carts
    Multi-System Design Carts Otto Industries offers a complete line of "Multi-System Design" carts and accessories.
  • Series 200 Drip Feed Odor Control The Series 200 drip feed odor control system is designed to control organic odors in areas without power or water hookups
  • Superflat Dry Shake Concrete Surface Hardener
    Superflat Dry Shake Concrete Surface Hardener Masterplate FF surface hardener was developed for application on floors that are designed to conform to a specific flatness designation
  • Front-Mounted Vacuum Cleaner
    Front-Mounted Vacuum Cleaner The high performance, 16,500-CFM blower on the Vac/All model LV16-FB pulls muck, debris, rocks, bottles, sticks,
  • Compact Tractors
    Compact Tractors These 4-wheel B-Series drive compact tractors are powered by a liquid-cooled diesel engine with 16 and 21 engine
  • Open-end Extrusion Baler
    Open-end Extrusion Baler These open-end extrusion models are designed to process a variety of fiber materials for moderate volume applications
  • 1989 East Ejector Trailer 1989 East Ejector Trailer
  • Low Platform Tag Trailer
    Low Platform Tag Trailer A very high quality, tag type trailer designed and manufactured to handle tough jobs for years to come
  • Conveyor Belt
    Conveyor Belt These conveyor belts range from the simple conveyors feeding balers to complete sorting and baling plants.
  • Combi Waste Press - Model 102
    Combi Waste Press - Model 102 Heavy-duty construction
  • Ammonia Deodorant
    Ammonia Deodorant NONOX CDA is an aqueous mixture of surfactants and absorbents developed for use in removing, neutralizing and deodorizing ammonical odors
  • Fiber Processing
    Fiber Processing With more than 180 fiber screens operating throughout four continents, Bulk Handling Systems, Inc. (BHS) is an established leader at the forefront of the Solid Waste & Recycling Industry. BHS clients around the world have
  • Tub Grinder
    Tub Grinder The model 1300 is well suited for very large, industrial
  • Modular Unit
    Modular Unit TRITON FLARE Systems are pre-designed modular units that are packaged, pretested and delivered ready-to-operate, and
  • Aeromaster WT Series
    Aeromaster WT Series The perfect complement to AEROMASTER aerobic turning equipment is the AEROMASTER Water and Inoculation Unit
  • Side-Eject Horizontal Balers
    Side-Eject Horizontal Balers This patented line of side eject horizontal balers are
  • Recycling Body
    Recycling Body The Top Select comes in two models: the Top Select 1000 with its right-hand side single bucket system and the 2000
  • Conveyors - Mechanical Tuned Two-Mass
    Conveyors - Mechanical Tuned Two-Mass

    Low-horsepower, high-capacity units for the controlled transfer of bulk materials. Compact design presents low profile, requires minimum headroom.

  • GSE Model 657 Programmable Weight Terminal
    GSE Model 657 Programmable Weight Terminal The model 657 id the premiere indicator from GSE...
  • Aluminum Body Dump Trailer
    Aluminum Body Dump Trailer The Aluminum Frame/Aluminum Body Dump Trailers have been engineered to haul bulk commodities
  • Lithium Batteries
    Lithium Batteries A lithium salt mixture is recovered and shipped to another facililty that recovers pure lithium carbonate from the impure mixture of lithium salts
  • TheTerminator 5000 Shredder
    TheTerminator 5000 Shredder Manufactured by Komptech, The Terminator is a High Torque, Slow Speed shredder with a high metal tolerance
  • Cell Phone Detector
    Cell Phone Detector The Cell Phone Detector is for use in areas where sensitive electronic equipment could malfunction due to Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)
  • 1994 & 1995 Mack MR690s
    1994 & 1995 Mack MR690s 300 H.P. Mack, 7 Speed, 44,000 LB. Rears
  • New Roll-Off Scale
    New Roll-Off Scale Vulcan, a leading manufacturer of on-board scale systems for the refuse industry, has announced a new on-board roll-off scale
  • Model ARC280 Wheel Crusher
    Model ARC280 Wheel Crusher Low Cost Model ARC-280 Wheel Crusher
  • Hand-Held Computer Maintenance System
    Hand-Held Computer Maintenance System Pocket MP2 utilizes small Windows CE palmtop computers
  • Precrusher
    Precrusher The RJ-450HD/PC precrusher is designed to reduce heavy shipping crates and barrels to a fraction of their original bulk
  • GR-526 The Industry Standard
    GR-526 The Industry Standard Designed to detect and record the presence of radioactive materials in trucks or rail cars
  • Camera System This rugged camera system is specifically designed for the
  • MSDS Management/EPA Reporting Software Solutions
    MSDS Management/EPA Reporting Software Solutions The manufacturer offers a variety of software programs designed to solve MSDS management problems and to ease
  • Cotton Gloves
    Cotton Gloves The company offers a range of cotton gloves including jersey, canvas and string knit gloves
  • 120 Digital Weight Indicator
    120 Digital Weight Indicator The 120 Digital Weight Indicator features configurable analog to digital measurement rate, load cell quick disconnect plug, 5-button operation, standardized EDP command sets, and much more
  • Recycling and Composting Facilities
    Recycling and Composting Facilities Municipalities throughout North America are in the process of developing aggressive recycling and composting systems
  • FLOWMETER CATALOG FLOWMETER CATALOG A New catalog from a flowmetermanufacturer of ...
  • Digital Ton Cylinder Scale
    Digital Ton Cylinder Scale Model 3001™ through Model 3006™ (6 models) Electronic (digital) TON Cylinder Scales with 4-20ma Standard....
  • Skid Loader Composting Aerators
    Skid Loader Composting Aerators The horizontal aerator provides an economical, mechanical solution for dewatering wastewater and potable (drinking) water sludge in beds
  • Roto-Bottom Container 3000 Series
    Roto-Bottom Container 3000 Series The Container 3000 is a low-maintenance front-load container uniquely designed for durability. It features the Roto-Bottom, made of tough, crosslink or linear polyethylene plastic.
  • 2) 1992 FORD LNT9000s
    2) 1992 FORD LNT9000s 260 h.p. Cummins, 8 speed, 46,000 lb. rears, 60,000 lb. roll-off. New paint.
  • Recycling Truck
    Recycling Truck Engineered for recycling management, the International 4000 Series truck features aa 50-degree wheel cut and tight turning radius
  • Trommel
    Trommel The Olympian stand 13 ft 5 in. tall, extends 57 feet and weighs more than 72,000 pounds
  • Waste Compactor
    Waste Compactor The RJ-250SC ET waste compactor was designed to operate in areas where electricity is not readily available...
  • Push-Button Couplers
    Push-Button Couplers Push-Button Couplers are available in Industrial, Tru-Flate and ARO Interchange designs
  • CG-610 Compost System
    CG-610 Compost System The Model CG-610 compost system uses a cross-conveyor
  • Guide to Waste-information Web Sources "Recycling and Waste Management: Guide to the Internet" is a compendium of more than 350 World Wide Web sites...
  • 1988 East Live Floor Trailer 1988 East Live Floor Trailer
  • Plastic Recycling
    Plastic Recycling Plastic recycling enables communities to take what was once considered garbage and consumed landfill space, and turn it
  • (2) 1991 GMC Recyclers
    (2) 1991 GMC Recyclers 215 H.P. cat, auto., 24 yd. dempster "up & over"
  • AJ-4C Performance Specification Sheet
    AJ-4C Performance Specification Sheet The AJ-4C Hauler™ Fork system lifting and rotating capacity is 10,000 lb (5 tons).
  • Greenhouse Gas Performance Software The company offers the Greenhouse Gas Performance Software designed for companies measuring, monitoring and reporting on their greenhouse gas emissions
  • Lead Acid Batteries
    Lead Acid Batteries These too are rechargeable batteries and are smaller than the auto type and are usually dry
  • Ventilated Yardwaste Cart
    Ventilated Yardwaste Cart These ventilated yardwaste carts have low ventilation louvers that provide air flow for
  • Aeromaster PT 120 Compost Turner
    Aeromaster PT 120 Compost Turner Appropriate for most windrow composters, the PT-120 is our most popular model
  • Thurman Scale Model 8550 Truck Scale
    Thurman Scale Model 8550 Truck Scale The Thurman 8550 Truck Scale uses a free floating suspension eliminating the need for check rods...
  • Hazardous Waste Container
    Hazardous Waste Container This 1-cu yd, stackable, DOT-approved hazwaste container is manufactured in 7-guage steel
  • Keyless Starter
    Keyless Starter The "smart" keyless starter with shock abuse monitor, maintenance scheduling, and memory downloading is designed to replace keys insuring that only trained and authorized operators can operate the vehicle
  • Breath Alcohol Tester
    Breath Alcohol Tester Disposable breath alcohol tester.
  • Plastic Lids
    Plastic Lids Roto-Lift plastic lids are rotationally molded out of tough
  • Speed Release A Multi-Use Solution to Address the EPA and Environmental Issues Facing Solvent Users Today and in the Future
  • Surface Contact Products
    Surface Contact Products Surface contact products are, as the name implies, applied directly to the surface of any liquid or solid substrate where odors are generated, including floors and walls.
  • TomCat 6 and 10 yd<sup>3</sup> Manual Side Loaders
    TomCat 6 and 10 yd3 Manual Side Loaders TomCat 6 and 10 yd3 Manual Side Loaders
  • Single Stream Separator Fully automated with integrated electrical controls, this Mach One Single Stream Separator delivers output up to 20
  • Front Load Container
    Front Load Container The Polyethylene PL-2500 container features a unique design
  • Gabions
    Gabions Box gabions consist of rectangular units, fabricated from double-twist, hexagonal mesh of soft annealed, heavily zinc
  • Magnetic Sweepers
    Magnetic Sweepers These magnetic road sweepers are an ideal choice to remove nails and other potentially damaging metal debris from
  • Ozone System The Turbozone System of low-cost ozone production is designed to provide ozone for commercial air purification and odor destruction
  • Recyclers
    Recyclers The E-Z Pack HCR high capacity recycler features a redesigned body for mature recycling communities
  • Pemberton Grapples for Excavators
    Pemberton Grapples for Excavators Guarantees maximum strength, grapple longevity and abrasion resistance
  • Lifters
    Lifters The Lifter was designed to be towed or rolled from location to location
  • High-Compaction Rear Loader
    High-Compaction Rear Loader Featuring curbside dual-lever packing controls and a low loading height for convenience, the Beta high-compaction, full-eject rear loader meets ANSI Z-245.1 safety standards
  • Plastic Perefotator Densifier Model 400 Model 400 is designed to perforate and densify plastic bottles to aid in the ever increasing problems of storage, baling time, wear and tear on balers and will also increase bale density
  • GSE 650 Scale System
    GSE 650 Scale System For larger applications Scale Systems and GSE offers the GSE 650 series...
  • On-Line Research Library Service
    On-Line Research Library Service The internet-based research library of remediation strategies and techniques, the Remediation Information...
  • Open Top Transfer Trailer
    Open Top Transfer Trailer The DYNA HAULER/LF transfer trailer unloads horizontally, eliminating the danger of tipping at the landfill
  • East Frame Dump Trailers
    East Frame Dump Trailers East Frame Dump trailers have excellent "empty weight", plus the strength and versatility to efficiently haul more than just bulk commodities
  • 1990 Steco Live Floor Trailer 1990 Steco Live Floor Trailer
  • Compactor Receivers
    Compactor Receivers These compactor receivers are spacious, strong and extra
  • Waste Oxidizer System
    Waste Oxidizer System The Waste Oxidizer System is a low cost and environmentally friendly method of destroying solid, liquid and medical waste, on-site
  • Waterproof Headlamp
    Waterproof Headlamp This high-intensity Krypton waterproof headlamp can be hard-hat or forehead mounted.
  • Super Curbster
    Super Curbster The Super Curbster is Haul-All's alley and narrow lane specialist
  • Primus 100 Trommel Screen
    Primus 100 Trommel Screen The FARWICK “primus” can be used to screen compost, waste, bark mulch, woodchips, excavated waste, sand, gravel,
  • Gannett Fleming Transportation
    Gannett Fleming Transportation Gannett Fleming provides extensive services related to the planning, design, and construction management of transportation systems and facilities
  • 920i HMI Programmable Indicator/Controller
    920i HMI Programmable Indicator/Controller The 920i® combines performance-driven circuitry, simplified architecture, and intuitive features. Up to 10 different screens can be programmed to change with the process, and graphic icons and messages show setpoint and function status
  • Slant Front Open Top Liquid Tight w/Mounted Top Container
    Slant Front Open Top Liquid Tight w/Mounted Top Container Slant Front Open Top Liquid Tight w/Mounted Top Container
  • Gabion Mat
    Gabion Mat Often situations arise in bank, channel, and shore protection where a 12-in. or 18-in. flexible revetment is
  • Urban Waste Series adds New Book The Urban Waste Expertise Programme (UWEP) has added a fifth title to its Urban Waste Series: "Solid Waste Management in Latin America—The case of small and micro-enterprises"
  • High-Intensity Magnetic Filters
    High-Intensity Magnetic Filters

    The magnetic collection of fine particles requires a high-intensity, high-gradient magnetic field. An electromagnetic matrix-type separator, referred to as a magnet filter, has proven to be the most effective method of separation...

  • CM-710 Composting Equipment
    CM-710 Composting Equipment The CM-710 is designed for the large site operator and for
  • Clement Pro Lightweight
    Clement Pro Lightweight Clement Pro Lightweight
  • Baler
    Baler Designed for lower volume requirements or where plant space is limited, the Badger provides the baling power of a heavy duty 2-ram