• 1994 & 1995 Mack MR690s
    1994 & 1995 Mack MR690s 300 H.P. Mack, 7 Speed, 44,000 LB. Rears
  • Bolt-On Blocks
    Bolt-On Blocks These new replaceable rubber dock blocks are now featured on the bumpers of the manufacturer’s tipping platform
  • Interactive Education Program Totally Cycled World, an interactive CD-ROM from the Steel Recycling Institute, uses the theme of cycles to teach middle school students about waste reduction, resource conservation and multi-material recycling
  • Outdoor Indicator
    Outdoor Indicator The 748F is an outdoor indicator that features waterproof push-buttons
  • Product Guide
    Product Guide This full-color brochure features a number of products including landfill compaction wheels, attachments for small
  • Fury Line Tank Washers
    Fury Line Tank Washers The Fury Line of tank washers provides a solution for difficult tank cleaning problems
  • Body Side Door
    Body Side Door Body Side Door
  • Degradable Film for Waste Water Control
    Degradable Film for Waste Water Control This 2 and 3 mil film is ideal for waste disposal sites where the operation process places waste over the previous
  • Medical Waste For a private sector client, conducted a Mid-Atlantic regional investigation of medical waste management contracts at hospitals.
  • Container Dumper
    Container Dumper The Lift & Seal system is designed to discharge containers of various powders into a 90” high receiving vessel
  • Side-Eject Horizontal Balers
    Side-Eject Horizontal Balers This patented line of side eject horizontal balers are
  • Kinetic Disintegrating System Fist American Scientific Corporation’s kinetic disintegrating system (KDS) was designed and manufactured to convert a variety of materials...
  • Environmental Drilling and KLEENWELL®
    Environmental Drilling and KLEENWELL® EMCON/OWT, Inc.'s Environmental Drilling Division focuses exclusively on landfill drilling. We have the equipment, personnel and know-how to complete landfill gas/leachate drilling projects in even the most difficult conditions.
  • Turf Reinforcement Mats Landlok series three-dimensional turf reinforcement mats are designed to provide balanced erosion control
  • Electronic and Mechanical Livestock Scale
    Electronic and Mechanical Livestock Scale The LSE series is an electronic and mechanical scale that is designed for uses by the agricultural industry
  • Ultrasonic Rail Testing
    Ultrasonic Rail Testing Hi-rail test vehicles are contracted for ultrasonic rail flaw detection by light rail, commuter, and heavy haul
  • CD-ROM for International Radioactive Waste Management This CD-ROM is a synopsis of the classification standards and national programs in place throughout the world for safe management of radioactive wastes
  • Sludge-level Detector

    The aluminum and PVC Portable Sludge gun locates the sludge bed in clarifiers and ...

  • Liquid Combustor
    Liquid Combustor Designed to be an environmentally safe system, the Liqui-Tec can be used for on-site combustion of flammable liquids
  • Drop Frame Side Loader
    Drop Frame Side Loader The K-8000 drop frame side loader is a truck accessory that is...
  • Finger-Screen Vibratory Classifier
    Finger-Screen Vibratory Classifier The General Kinematics Finger-Screen is a less costly alternative to rotary trommels or disc type screening devices, typically used in solid waste material classification.
  • Thermoelectric Dehumidifiers
    Thermoelectric Dehumidifiers Thermoelectric cooling technology reduces the humidity of the air within the cabinet from 90% RH to 30% RH in 30 minutes
  • E-Commerce Site E-Leach is a new Internet e-commerce site exclusively for
  • Waste Water Evaporator
    Waste Water Evaporator The Fen-Tech Environmental Evap-O-Dry Water Evaporation System (patent pending) is designed to efficiently evaporate waste waters
  • Pollutant Recycling Equipment Hitachi Zosen began introduced their new their equipment that converts the pollutant in
  • Half-Round
    Half-Round The ½ Round Rock/Demolition trailer is perfectly suited for the heaviest demolition or rock hauling applications
  • Reporting Reporting
  • Odor Neutralizers
    Odor Neutralizers Sonozaire odor neutralizers are industrial ozone generators
  • Rail Scale
    Rail Scale Rail Hugger scales are engineered to give users an alternative to rail scales
  • Semi-Automatic Systems For Light Trucks
    Semi-Automatic Systems For Light Trucks This lightweight, all-aluminum design is well suited for
  • Ribbon Mixer/Blender
    Ribbon Mixer/Blender Aaron blending results in uniformity and homogeneous, accurate mixing of all grades of materials from granular, heavy density cakes, plastics and pigments
  • Open Top Tipper Trailer
    Open Top Tipper Trailer Engineered for municipal or commercial use, the Dyna Hauler/AT Open Top Tipper Trailer comes in aluminum or steel
  • Mesh Tarps Constructed with brass grommets placed every two ft, the PVC coated polyester, multi-color tarps are available in either heavy-duty mesh or 18 oz vinyl material
  • Ground Hugger Scale
    Ground Hugger Scale The Ground Hugger is designed to eliminate premature wear and tear on the weighing bridge and electronics
  • Microbial Cleaner/Degreaser
    Microbial Cleaner/Degreaser Eliminator is not a soap, detergent or petroleum solvent.
  • NoRoma® Our patented NoRoma® odor elimination agent is an oxidation catalyst.
  • Sample Conditioning System
    Sample Conditioning System The sample conditioning systems are designed to condition hot sample gas streams
  • Free Media Buying Tarpon Media now offers free media buying for manufacturers and consultants in the solid waste and recycling industry
  • Royal GT 10-16  cu. yd. Rear Loaders
    Royal GT 10-16 cu. yd. Rear Loaders This midsize rearloader has a full selection of container dumping devices.
  • Titan The “Titan” is ideal for hauling scrap material of most any nature
  • Pond-X2 Odor Eliminator The Pond-X2 odor eliminator is a formulation of metal ions that provides odor control for ponds, lagoons, low flow collection systems
    FRONTIER BALE DEWIRING SYSTEM MODEL BDS-2000 The Frontier Industrial Dewiring System is a unique, automated process
  • Rear Loading Transport Trailer
    Rear Loading Transport Trailer Rear loading can be done directly from route collection trucks to the X-Series transport trailer
  • HDPE Smooth liner
    HDPE Smooth liner The HDPE Smooth liner is manufactured to meet all necessary quality control standards required for high quality geomembrane lining systems
  • Roll-Off/Fork System
    Roll-Off/Fork System The AJ-4C Hauler System features two systems in one: The Roll-Off System and Fork System
  • Standard Rear Loader
    Standard Rear Loader The Standard Rear Loader features include upper and lower composite slide shoe, center-mount ejector and Hydro-Cush cylinders
  • Sensor System
    Sensor System Global Sensor Systems, Inc. introduces the Search-Eye Sensor System
  • Gamma-Ray Spectrometer
    Gamma-Ray Spectrometer Light-weight and rugged, the GR-130 Mini-Spec puts the power of a laboratory gamma spectrometer into a hand-held instrument
  • H2S: SgPur Sour Gas Purification System
    H2S: SgPur Sour Gas Purification System The sour gas purification system, SgPur, recovers and purifies industrial gases produced in the oil, chemical and steel industries. Gases such as Claus tail gas, refinery flare gas, and coke gas are recovered and purified of the hydrogen sulfide (H2S), while converting the H2S to elemental sulfur
  • Epoleon N-7C Epoleon N-7C formula has the ability to react with a broad range of gases.
  • Construction/Demolition processing facilities
    Construction/Demolition processing facilities Bulk Handling Systems has designed and manufactured several Construction/Demolition processing facilities. Each system is designed to facilitate the recovery of ferrous, corrugated containers, fines, and other recyclables
  • BenchMark™ HD Heavy Duty
    BenchMark™ HD Heavy Duty The BenchMark™ HD Heavy Duty features polyurethane rubber leveling feet with stainless steel stem
  • Trommel
    Trommel The Olympian stand 13 ft 5 in. tall, extends 57 feet and weighs more than 72,000 pounds
  • Rental Flare Systems
    Rental Flare Systems These rental flare systems are designed and manufactured to provide easy setup, efficient service and low maintenance
  • Drag chainbelt conveyors
    Drag chainbelt conveyors All conveyors are shipped complete and ready-to-run unless otherwise stated in the quote.<
  • Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer
    Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer Housed inside a rugged and sealed NEMA 4 enclosure, the HFID Model 3-400 is a compact wall mount heated total hydrocarbon analyzer
  • Roll-off Hoist
    Roll-off Hoist Marathon Equipment recently introduced the 65,000 lb. Greaseless roll-off hoist that
  • Solid Waste Landfill Design and Construction Services
    Solid Waste Landfill Design and Construction Services Gannett Fleming was selected to redesign portions of a 75-acre, 500 tpd sanitary landfill
  • Utility Tractors
    Utility Tractors These new M-Series utility tractors are designed for
  • Animal Cremator
    Animal Cremator The CleanAire is engineered to be an environmentally safe system for the cremation animal carcasses
  • Mobile Shredder/Grinder
    Mobile Shredder/Grinder Featuring a continuous floor feeding mechanism and aggressive pull-in rollers, the company’s mobile shredder/grinder can shred up to 50 tons of mixed yard waste per hour
  • Weighfeeders
    Weighfeeders The Series 400 Weighfeeders are used to add lime during the water treatment process
  • CAPS 1700 All Purpose Sprayer
    CAPS 1700 All Purpose Sprayer The ConCover All Purpose Sprayer is a versatile piece of landfill machinery that is used primarily for the application of NWC's alternative daily cover materials...
  • MKIII Series Fan Systems
    MKIII Series Fan Systems The MK III Series fans are full-featured units with a wider range of customizable features
  • Viscous Materials Handling Pumps Water Online Product Release A Line of "wide-throat" progressive cavity pumps capable of handling ...
  • Automated Boom
    Automated Boom This power vacuum utilizes a fully automated boom controlled by a joystick in the cab. Ideal for
  • Data Communication System
    Data Communication System The Data Link 2500 system facilitates communication with instruments at remote sites at anytime and from anywhere with or without a PC
  • Mulch Colorant
    Mulch Colorant Mulch Magic is an easy-to-apply, long lasting spray colorant which restores the bright, original-looking color
  • Fountain Aerators
    Fountain Aerators Each fountain aerator consists of a pump, a float, spray nozzle, control panel with a 24-hour timer and ground fault protection, and 70 feet of power cable.
  • Dump Trailer
    Dump Trailer The East Quad is designed to increase payloads, especially with heavy loads like asphalt and construction material.
    Voyager Comfort Series FLEETCRUISER AIR SUSPENSION Azdel Housings - lightweight to provide weight savings , yet strong and durable
  • Plate Magnets
    Plate Magnets

    Remove unwanted ferrous metals, protect equipment from damage or improve the downstream processing purity of your product. Five magnetic strengths...

  • Medium Duty Mini Strobe Bar
    Medium Duty Mini Strobe Bar This model of medium duty 5350 strobe bar is 15" long with an amber dome and two clear filters.
  • Thick-Wall Spray Ball
    Thick-Wall Spray Ball The extended range and durability of the Thick-Wall spray ball is made possible by its ¼ in. (6 mm) wall thickness
  • Start Up Businesses
    Start Up Businesses There is nothing more exciting then going into business for yourself
  • Computerized Routing
    Computerized Routing The RouteSmart route optimization system is designed to factor the operating constraints of waste collection.
  • Tarpomatic
    Tarpomatic Airspace Saver Daily Cover exclusively provides tarps for The Automatic Tarping Machine
  • CASCADE 2 Cubic Yard Containers
    CASCADE 2 Cubic Yard Containers The answer to your commercial container maintenance headaches: the lightweight, corrosion resistant, easy to clean CASCADE injection molded, 2 cubic yard, front load container
  • Starscreener
    Starscreener The mobile Erin Starscreener is the leading technology for separating and sizing organic material
  • Picking Station
    Picking Station The Morbark picking station is designed for the manual sorting of green waste, paper, plastic, glass, construction
  • Magnetic Sweepers
    Magnetic Sweepers These magnetic road sweepers are an ideal choice to remove nails and other potentially damaging metal debris from
  • Multi Purpose Vehicle
    Multi Purpose Vehicle The most versatile unit on the market for collecting waste, compost or recyclables, Haul-All's M-Class design features a light-weight body and variable compaction mechanism
  • Industrial Stationary Compactors
    Industrial Stationary Compactors These compactors are well suited for heavy commercial or industrial applications requiring up to one container load
  • Environmental Compliance in [Your State]
    Environmental Compliance in [Your State] Here is the easy, inexpensive way to stay on top of compliance with environmental laws--both federal and in YOUR state
  • GSE StudLiner™
    GSE StudLiner™ GSE StudLiner™ is a high-density polyethylene embedment liner designed to protect new and existing concrete structures from corrosive and erosive environments
  • (2) 1994 Mack DM690s
    (2) 1994 Mack DM690s 300 H.P. Mack, 7 speed, 44,000 LB. rears
  • Self-Contained Compactor/Containers
    Self-Contained Compactor/Containers Ideal for commercial applications that generate a high percentage of wet waste, the combination compactor
  • Epoxy and Metallic Floor Topping
    Epoxy and Metallic Floor Topping FS-1182 epoxy and metallic aggregate floor topping is designed to provide extra abrasion resistance and high impact tolerance for existing concrete floor toppings
  • Industrial Strength Concentrate
    Industrial Strength Concentrate Eliminator is not a soap, detergent or petroleum solvent
  • Mammoth Series Truck
    Mammoth Series Truck specifications of the Mammoth Series Truck
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading
    Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions trading is being considered by many public and private leaders as a practical way to reduce, and eventually reverse, the potential impacts of global warming. While the system for quantifying and trading in GHG credits has not yet been finalized, EMCON/OWT, Inc. is helping landfill owners in the United States and internationally to prepare themselves to act on opportunities that may arise when a trading system is in place.
  • Recycling Trailer
    Recycling Trailer The Model RSWT-1500 recycling trailer is designed light and
  • Recyclable's Container This 60-liter container for collecting recycle-bound bottles and cans is made of thermoplastics ...
  • Hydraulic Cart/Container Dumpers
    Hydraulic Cart/Container Dumpers These hydraulic dumpers are available in a variety of
  • Ultra-Low Profile Tank / Platform Scale
    Ultra-Low Profile Tank / Platform Scale The rugged Model 4041™ Ultra-Low Profile Digital TANK-PLATFORM Scale is for tanks which are loaded on/off on a regular basis.
  • Landfill Gas and Leachate Management Equipment
    Landfill Gas and Leachate Management Equipment Soiltec designs and manufactures a range of landfill gas
  • Tire Shredders Granulators Tire Debeaders Wheel Crushers
    Tire Shredders Granulators Tire Debeaders Wheel Crushers Features of the Tire Shredders Granulators Tire Debeaders Wheel Crushers
  • New Collection And Transfer Book By Lanny Hickman
    New Collection And Transfer Book By Lanny Hickman Now available, this 360 page book , the first published in over 30 years on the subject of collection, provides comprehensive coverage of all matters pertaining to collection and transfer of solid waste
  • Waste to Energy Services
    Waste to Energy Services We provide waste-to-energy services for product returns and off-spec production, taking care of profiling, transport and recycling at the plants
  • Green Pages Directory The Pennsylvania Green Pages directory is a guide to Pennsylvania businesses that produce environmental technologies and services...