• Filtration: <b>Spectrum Filter™</B>
    Filtration: Spectrum Filter™

    The Spectrum Filtration Systems is a superior filtration system that handles water with a suspended solids concentration in excess of 100 mg/L and provides filtration turbidity of less than 0.1 NTU.

  • Self-Contained Compactors
    Self-Contained Compactors Nedland's Self-Contained Compactors are ideal for confined spaces where waste areas
  • Pourable Repair Concrete
    Pourable Repair Concrete Emaco S66 CI rheoplastic pourable repair concrete features a formulation that provides bond
  • Series 200 Drip Feed Odor Control The Series 200 drip feed odor control system is designed to control organic odors in areas without power or water hookups
  • Soft Cuff Hose End Reinforcing wire is stopped short of the hose end producing
  • Dump Trailer
    Dump Trailer The East Quad is designed to increase payloads, especially with heavy loads like asphalt and construction material.
  • Trapezoidal Windrow Turner
    Trapezoidal Windrow Turner The Willibald TBU3000 Windrow Turner is designed specifically for trapezoidal (mass bed) composting
  • Guide to Waste-information Web Sources "Recycling and Waste Management: Guide to the Internet" is a compendium of more than 350 World Wide Web sites...
  • Leachate and Condensate Treatment System
    Leachate and Condensate Treatment System Turnkey leachate and condensate treatment services are available using pre-engineered mobile wastewater treatment equipment
  • Fire Suppression System
    Fire Suppression System This detector is a point thermal type that is shock and
  • Implementation Guidance for Risk Management The U.S. EPA in March released its "Risk Management Program Guidance for Implementing Agencies"...
  • Compost Spreader
    Compost Spreader Used to apply soil enrichments to steep slopes, forest areas, and other terrain where accessibility and/or damage to the vegetation is a problem, the compost spreader consists of a blower/impeller combination attached to the rear of a hopper-type body
  • Auger/Compactor
    Auger/Compactor The AugJet 180 auger/compactor destroys materials such as pallets, 55-gallon drums, furniture, appliances, fiberboard, and cement blocks
  • RoughDeck™ HP-H Heavy Capacity Low Profile Floor Scale
    RoughDeck™ HP-H Heavy Capacity Low Profile Floor Scale The RoughDeck™ HP-H Heavy Capacity Low Profile Floor Scale features four NTEP-certified alloy steel, shear beam load cells, rugged diamond safety treadplate deck, rigid structural steel channel frame, and much more
  • Disc-style Chipper
    Disc-style Chipper This 14-in. Model 254 hydraulic feed chipper’s powerful feed system and new easy climb feed wheel tensioning system
  • Materials Handling Conveyor
    Materials Handling Conveyor Featuring cross-rigid base belt construction coupled with the company’s sidewall design, the Pli-O-wall can keep material in place in most configurations including free-flowing materials
  • Reducers
    Reducers Many standard slope lengths for concentric and eccentric reducers are available
  • Xpress Waste Press
    Xpress Waste Press Our new series of compressed-air-driven waste presses. The waste is compressed directly into a thick plastic bag
  • Multiple Log Stationary Debarker
    Multiple Log Stationary Debarker The DD 4850-DH Multiple Log Stationary Debarker can produce 40-60 U.S. tons per hour, with a bark content of less than one percent
  • Storage Bin
    Storage Bin These new storage bins offer fast, safe and clean loading.
  • Steel Walking Floor Closed Top
    Steel Walking Floor Closed Top Steco’s steel live-floor closed-top trailer exhibits superior ability to withstand even the most excruciating compactor applications
  • Excavator
    Excavator With the KX-2 series excavators, the high output and strong torque of the E-TVCS diesel engine is combined with a new
  • Project Management Software
    Project Management Software Primavera's SureTrak Project Manager 2.0 helps users develop a solid plan for achieving project goals and managing them to a successful finish
  • Combustion Analyzer The CA 40H Hand-Held Combustion Analyzer allows the user to monitor,
  • Waste Oxidizer System
    Waste Oxidizer System The Waste Oxidizer System is a low cost and environmentally friendly method of destroying solid, liquid and medical waste, on-site
  • Hydraulic Hose
    Hydraulic Hose Kimball Midwest offers a wide selection of Weatherhead® hose products including hoses, hose ends, and assembly tools
  • Clarifying Decanters
    Clarifying Decanters The CB 300, CA 450, 458, 505, and 755 are clarifying decanters
  • Crown Press<SUP><FONT SIZE=2>TM</FONT></SUP> Belt Press Simulator
    Crown PressTM Belt Press Simulator Now you can accurately simulate a full-size belt press, duplicating the actual dewatering process...
  • Epoleon 3S
    Epoleon 3S Epoleon 3S is specially formulated organic desulphurizer/deodorizer which reacts with hydrogen sulfide for immediate results and reduces within minutes.
  • Heavy Duty Rear Loader
    Heavy Duty Rear Loader The Heavy Duty Rear Loader is a standard rear loader fitted with heavier duty cylinders
  • 1997 Ford L9000
    1997 Ford L9000 300 H.P. cat, 9 speed, 46,000 LB. rears
  • Organic Reducer System
    Organic Reducer System Using a combination of activated sludge, trickling filtration and forced air stripping, the BioStripper system
  • Roll-Off System
    Roll-Off System The TrailHoist Roll-Off System is suitable when a full-size roll-off truck or a regular containre are too large
  • Portable Trommel Screen
    Portable Trommel Screen The model PT627 is designed for high volume screening and sorting of whole tree chips, processed demolition material,
  • MADVAC 101
    MADVAC 101 The ultimate performance in a vacuum trash collector
  • Portable Baler
    Portable Baler The Roadrunner portable baler/logger offers fast set-up and take down
  • Vehicle Washing System
    Vehicle Washing System Engineered for cleaning trucks and heavy equipment, the automated Powerwash vehicle wheel and undercarriage washing system operates in a range of site situations
  • Cart Dumper
    Cart Dumper Aluminum construction and a hydraulic cart dumper are incorporated into the 1000 Series Cart Dumper for use in combination commercial and residential recycling
  • Air Scale System
    Air Scale System Simple air pressure gauges are inaccurate and often they are only calibrated to give pressure readings
  • (2) 1995 Mack MR690s
    (2) 1995 Mack MR690s 300 H.P. Mack, 5 speed, 44,000 LB. rears, 40 yd. E-Z pack hercules
  • Bioreactor Landfill Services
    Bioreactor Landfill Services EMCON/OWT, Inc. helps clients take advantage of the growing interest in the bioreactor landfill concept, an emerging technology that relies on controlled liquid addition and temperature management to achieve rapid waste stabilization. Our team can help implement an aerobic, semi-aerobic, or anaerobic bioreactor system, whichever best fits a client’s facility.
  • FIXED-INSTALLATION ULTRASONIC FLOWMETER The new DF868 ultrasonic liquid flowmeter, a fixed-installation meter based ...
  • Municiple Waste System
    Municiple Waste System The Municipal Waste System is designed to automate the tracking and billing of solid waste. This application tracks the origin and destination of all solid waste. The user can define refuse classes and their associated rates. All credit accounts are defined in the system and have a defined credit limit. Vehicles are associated with accounts, and the system retains their tare weight. Also included is recyclable tracking data to assist the user in determining the success of their recycling programs. This application is ideally suited to facilities with multiple solid waste collection sites. The Municipal Waste System includes a complete financial module for account inquiry, printing statemeIntegration „h nts, and retaining a complete history of charges and receipts. Municipal Waste System has been managing the largest waste authority in North Carolina for over 10 years consisting of multiple counties and multiple cities.
  • Plastics Processing
    Plastics Processing Plastics may be tough, but SSI shredders are tougher
  • 4 Button System
    4 Button System The 4 button system can control your Medium equipment or operational needs
  • Tire Sealant
    Tire Sealant MULTI-SEAL Air Lock tire technology is designed to provide
  • Wood Waste Processing
    Wood Waste Processing The Tank features a trailer that is built from the ground
  • Solid Waste Planning and Program Management Services
    Solid Waste Planning and Program Management Services Gannett Fleming prepared a county-wide solid waste management plan for a Maryland county in compliance with Maryland Regulations that demonstrates 10 years of solid waste disposal capacity
  • Special Issue from Canada Watch The January 1998 issue Canada Watch focuses on emerging environment/law issues in Canada...
  • Disaster Response/Environmental
    Disaster Response/Environmental You see the headlines throughout the year: ice storms in the north, hurricanes in the south, floods in the central plains, earthquakes in the west
  • 3M(TM) Particulate Respirator 9210 and 9211, N95
    3M(TM) Particulate Respirator 9210 and 9211, N95 3M(TM) Particulate Respirator 9210 and 9211, N95
  • Recycling Tracked and completed detailed survey investigation of Materials Recovery Facility operations across the U.S. for the Governmental Advisory Associates Materials Recovery Yearbook.
  • CASCADE Refuse-Recycling Containers Versatile 96, 64, 35 gallon carts are designed for multiple uses
  • Inserta-LOK The A-LOK Inserta-LOK SM is a rubber lateral connector for the connection of new lines to new or existing concrete pipelines
  • DataManager DataManager is a single solution for secured back up and recovery of data
  • Pemberton Grapples for Excavators
    Pemberton Grapples for Excavators Guarantees maximum strength, grapple longevity and abrasion resistance
  • ecoSep  Below Grade Oil/Water Separator
    ecoSep Below Grade Oil/Water Separator ecoSep is a cost-effective below grade oil/water separation unit that can help keep water clean from oil contaminates
  • Air Contact Odor Control This product is designed to eliminate organic and inorganic
  • Chemical Grouts Scotch-Seal chemical grout 5600 is FDA approved and is certified for use with potable water contact
  • Plant Improvement Program
    Plant Improvement Program This company provides cost effective design and engineering
  • Soil Reinforcement Products
    Soil Reinforcement Products The Enkagrid family of high-performance engineered soil reinforcement products provides support for soil structures
  • Front Axle Scale
    Front Axle Scale The least expensive truck scale in the industry
  • Bentomat CL Geosynthetic Clay Liner
    Bentomat CL Geosynthetic Clay Liner Bentomat CL is a reinforced GCL composed of two carrier geotextiles needlepunched together
  • Front-Mounted Vacuum Cleaner
    Front-Mounted Vacuum Cleaner The high performance, 16,500-CFM blower on the Vac/All model LV16-FB pulls muck, debris, rocks, bottles, sticks,
  • Automated Fueling System
    Automated Fueling System This Vehicle Information Transmitter (V.I.T.) eliminates
  • Landfill Security Program
    Landfill Security Program Package of financial products and services specially designed for small- and medium-sized landfill operators. Combines EMCON’s onsite engineering services with insurance and risk management services offered by Breitstone & Co. Ltd, a firm specializing in the environmental and construction industries. Landfill owners make a payment or payments during the operating life of the site equal to the discounted net present value of expected closure and post-closure costs. In return, EMCON/OWT provides a guarantee that all existing and future requirements and liabilities will be met.
  • Lifter/Transporter
    Lifter/Transporter A variety of capacities, lifting heights and configurations are available for the Dandy Lift Lifter/Transporter
  • Bentomat DN Geosynthetic Clay Liner
    Bentomat DN Geosynthetic Clay Liner Bentomat DN is a reinforced needlepunched GCL that not only has high internal shear strength
  • Reconditioned Ram Balers
    Reconditioned Ram Balers This baler has been thoroughly gone through with updated electrical (PLC), new liners, repacked cylinders, sandblasting and paint
  • Cover System
    Cover System The Posi-Shell Cover System is a cement mortar covering used for a wide variety of short and long term protective
  • FCI MT86 Multipoint Mass Flow Meter
    FCI MT86 Multipoint Mass Flow Meter

    The MT86 insertion type multipoint mass flow meter combines FCI's highly reliable thermal dispersion, no-moving parts flow element design with up to 16 flow sensing points while operating over a wide temperature range up to 850° F [454° C]. The electronics features continuous built-in testing and calibration adjustment to prevent signal drift.

  • Gannett Fleming Land Development
    Gannett Fleming Land Development Gannett Fleming offers land development services for residential complexes, subdivisions, new towns, shopping centers, office parks, recreation facilities, industrial parks and military facilities
  • Classic
    Classic For over 35 years the demolition and construction industries have relied on the Steco “Classic” dump for its unparallel strength, versatility, and longevity
  • Multi-Purpose Vacuum Catch Basin Cleaner
    Multi-Purpose Vacuum Catch Basin Cleaner Featuring a 13-yd³ debris body and a 12-in. diameter vacuum tube, the Model LV13-C is a vacuum catch basin cleaner
  • 1991 Steco Live Floor Trailer 1991 Steco Live Floor Trailer
  • Mulch Coloring Systems
    Mulch Coloring Systems These continuous Mix Coloring Systems are available in diesel or electric and have the capacity to work
  • TomCat 6 and 10 yd<sup>3</sup> Manual Side Loaders
    TomCat 6 and 10 yd3 Manual Side Loaders TomCat 6 and 10 yd3 Manual Side Loaders
  • Horizontal Baler
    Horizontal Baler The horizontal Stretch Baler can recycle large corrugated news and most high-grade materials
  • Landfill Compressor
    Landfill Compressor Sliding Vane Compressors are designed for use in landfill applications and other corrosive applications where the gas stream to be compressed contains heavy hydro-carbons and wet CO2
  • MRFManager MRFManager adds the functionality to ScaleManager by tracking the volume and weight of the different grades within the loads being brought in and out of a transfer station, recycling center or landfill
  • The M60STD
    The M60STD When looking for a Vertical Baler, the variety of choices can be very confusing. Let GPI make your decision easy
  • Packer Bodies
    Packer Bodies Various types of packer bodies are available for trash and recycling pick-up services
  • Open Top Roll-Off Containers
    Open Top Roll-Off Containers Open top roll-off containers are manufactured from prime structural steel sheet, plate and tubing
  • Oil Sponge Premium Absorbent
    Oil Sponge Premium Absorbent Oil Sponge is a premium absorbent for the “Encapsulation” and “Bioremediation” of oils, greases, fats and petroleum based liquids
  • Fixed Refuse Body Scale System
    Fixed Refuse Body Scale System Vulcan's fixed refuse body scale system is designed to work with all refuse bodies that are fix mounted and do not tip to dump or service.
  • Telma's Frictionless Braking Systems
    Telma's Frictionless Braking Systems A force as old as gravity is leading a technological revolution
  • CASCADE Residential Cart Systems
    CASCADE Residential Cart Systems Cascade Residential Cart Systems have been designed by solid waste professionals to
  • V4 Valve
    V4 Valve The Soiltec V4 near-linear flow control valve is the first valve designed specifically for landfill fast flow control
  • Portable Crane
    Portable Crane The 5124 Series Portable Davit Crane features a ratchet-style screw-jack which operates manually to adjust boom angle
  • Ecotube NOx Reduction System
    Ecotube NOx Reduction System ECOTUBE ‘least cost’ technology delivers regulatory compliance help you generate new revenue in the emissions credits market, and delivers additional maintenance benefits at 80% below SCR costs
  • Comprehensive Landfill Services
    Comprehensive Landfill Services SCS offers a full menu of services for landfill owners and operators
  • ecoStop Spill Control System
    ecoStop Spill Control System ecoStop is a petroleum spill control system for any facility or site
  • Service Module
    Service Module This 400 gallon portable restroom service module has been designed to pump and haul material from portable restroom
  • Environmental Law Handbook
    Environmental Law Handbook The fourteenth Edition of the Environmental Law Handbook is now available from Government Institutes...
  • Euro Screen 45
    Euro Screen 45 This FARWICK “Euro-Screen” is designed for landscaping and
  • Quality/Compliance Software Manager
    Quality/Compliance Software Manager The company’s e-PQC is web-enabled, application software designed to replace paper quality forms, collect and store quality data
  • BTM 05 Terrameter
    BTM 05 Terrameter BOMAG'S BTM 05 Terrameter compaction control and documentation system measures, controls and records the compaction process and its development
  • Pumps;Electric Anchor Pump PM
    Pumps;Electric Anchor Pump PM The NEW Electric PM (Parallel Mount) Anchor Pump is an electrically driven positive displacement piston jack pump with top head drive motor. The pump is designed for difficult and challenging vault sump pumping applications and features a heavy-duty parallel mounted driver that makes the pump compact enough to easily fit into enclosed vaults
  • Elbows
    Elbows Elbows can be used where it is impractical to make long radius curves with deflected straight or bevel pipe