• Landfills and Balefills
    Landfills and Balefills After containing, transporting and processing solid waste, ultimately we must reach the final stage
  • Disaster Response/Environmental
    Disaster Response/Environmental You see the headlines throughout the year: ice storms in the north, hurricanes in the south, floods in the central plains, earthquakes in the west
  • Commercial Waste Container
    Commercial Waste Container The 4200 commercial waste containers are designed for front-load lifters
  • Landfill Gas and Leachate Management Equipment
    Landfill Gas and Leachate Management Equipment Soiltec designs and manufactures a range of landfill gas
  • Side-Eject Horizontal Balers
    Side-Eject Horizontal Balers This patented line of side eject horizontal balers are
  • CO2 Detector
    CO2 Detector Bacharach, Inc. introduces the new Bacharach C02 monitor detecting and warning device
  • PosiFlex Intergrated Valve Positioning System
    PosiFlex Intergrated Valve Positioning System Today’s process control systems are high quality, reliable, intelligent–and extremely dependent upon timely information received from instruments in the field
  • DV-150 Prime Pump
    DV-150 Prime Pump Solids handling capabilities to 2 1/2" diameter maximum
  • Recycling Grinder - Biogrind 500
    Recycling Grinder - Biogrind 500 CMI Biogrind 500 recycling grinder is equipped with a machine mounted and powered knuckleboom loader
  • Two-Ram Closed End Baler
    Two-Ram Closed End Baler Constructed of four solid plates that provide seamless construction end to end, the Two-Ram baler is engineered for high structural integrity, bale weight, and automatic operation
  • Digital Ton Cylinder Scale
    Digital Ton Cylinder Scale Model 3001™ through Model 3006™ (6 models) Electronic (digital) TON Cylinder Scales with 4-20ma Standard....
  • USCC FACT Sheets USCC FACT Sheets
  • Air Modeling Software RunAve for Windows is a Windows post-processor that implements New Jersey, Utah and similar air modeling guidance for performing running average calculations
  • Processing Device
    Processing Device The SM is a versatile processing device with the ability to
  • Gas Monitoring Device
    Gas Monitoring Device Weighing in at just 16 oz, the Bodyguard 4 personal gas monitoring device from Bacharach is a compact,
  • Self-Contained Compactor/Containers
    Self-Contained Compactor/Containers Ideal for commercial applications that generate a high percentage of wet waste, the combination compactor
  • The AirLance Process
    The AirLance Process The AirLances uniformly inject and remove air three dimensionally throughout the compost pile.
  • POLY DURA KAN Front Load Containers
    POLY DURA KAN Front Load Containers Poly Dura Kan front load containers are designed for use with most front load truck bodies with pockets.
  • The M60STD
    The M60STD When looking for a Vertical Baler, the variety of choices can be very confusing. Let GPI make your decision easy
  • Drum Separators, Rare Earth
    Drum Separators, Rare Earth

    Ideal for when high purity is needed...

  • Biosolids Treatment Processes
    Biosolids Treatment Processes The company offers a line of biosolids treatment processes with enhanced end-product characteristics
  • Soft Cuff Hose End Reinforcing wire is stopped short of the hose end producing
  • Plain Hose End
    Plain Hose End Reinforcing wire is run through the length of the hose.
  • E-Z Pack, Neway and Dempster Refuse Vehicles
    E-Z Pack, Neway and Dempster Refuse Vehicles A complete line of refuse vehicles is available.
  • Mixing/Diluting Polymers
    Mixing/Diluting Polymers The Polymaster dilutes, mixes and thoroughly activates emulsion, dispersion and solution polymers including
  • Service Module and Truck
    Service Module and Truck The 1250-gal. portable restroom truck service module and truck is designed to pump and transport waste from portable
  • 32 gallon Triple R Can®
    32 gallon Triple R Can® It's for yard waste. It's for green waste
  • BenchMark™ HD Heavy Duty
    BenchMark™ HD Heavy Duty The BenchMark™ HD Heavy Duty features polyurethane rubber leveling feet with stainless steel stem
  • Emergency Spill Kit
    Emergency Spill Kit Midwest Environmental Services is proud to offer emergency spill kits
  • Custom Chemical Feed Systems
    Custom Chemical Feed Systems These chemical feed systems are designed to customers’
  • Mulch Coloring Systems
    Mulch Coloring Systems These continuous Mix Coloring Systems are available in diesel or electric and have the capacity to work
  • Fabrine
    Fabrine Demanding Applications - Fabric of Choice
  • AJ-4H Performance Specification Sheet
    AJ-4H Performance Specification Sheet The AJ-4H Hauler™ Roll-Off system has one 4.0” bore hook cylinder and uses the same two 6.0” bore lift cylinders that are on the fork system to pick up loads weighing up to 15,000 lb
  • Boring System
    Boring System The Pro-Vac Directional Boring System has space available for water tank and pressure washer for pothole applications
  • MADVAC 101
    MADVAC 101 The ultimate performance in a vacuum trash collector
  • Dumper
    Dumper This Dumper for full-size pickup trucks is designed for the
  • 1993 G&H Rear Loader
    1993 G&H Rear Loader 3 compartment 30 yd. body. Each compacts and ejects separately
  • Baling System
    Baling System The MAC 110 and MAC 111 high production, fully automatic presses comply with CE and UL international standards
  • Spray Coolers
    Spray Coolers The Aqua-Lator Spray Coolers supplement cooling ponds or cooling towers
  • Semi-Automatic Systems For Light Trucks
    Semi-Automatic Systems For Light Trucks This lightweight, all-aluminum design is well suited for
  • 820i HMI Digital Weight Indicator
    820i HMI Digital Weight Indicator The 820i revolutionizes basic instrumentation programming, allowing for more affordable serviceability and programming support. Featuring an intuitive interface, the 820i allows users to automate formula selection, batch start up, data recall, or any frequently used process with the push of a button
  • Service Module
    Service Module This 400 gallon portable restroom service module has been designed to pump and haul material from portable restroom
  • NSC-200-40 Self-Contained Compactor
    NSC-200-40 Self-Contained Compactor Features 1/4" Steel Plate Sides with 4" x 2" x 1/4" Structural Steel Tubing with 6" Channel
  • Heavy Duty Vacuum Load Container
    Heavy Duty Vacuum Load Container Heavy Duty Vacuum Load Container
  • Iron and Metal Processing
    Iron and Metal Processing This company specializes in the removal and processing of aluminum
  • Hydraulic and Fuel Tanks
    Hydraulic and Fuel Tanks Ameri-Kart manufactures tanks that are designed to store or transport fuel or work as part of hydraulic fluid systems
  • Long Term Landfill Cover The Enviro long term cover is a specially formulated 7 and 9-mil degradable film developed as a long term cover for
  • Lithium Batteries
    Lithium Batteries A lithium salt mixture is recovered and shipped to another facililty that recovers pure lithium carbonate from the impure mixture of lithium salts
  • 1995 McClain Live Floor Trailer 1995 McClain Live Floor Trailer
  • Materials Handling Conveyor
    Materials Handling Conveyor Featuring cross-rigid base belt construction coupled with the company’s sidewall design, the Pli-O-wall can keep material in place in most configurations including free-flowing materials
  • Solid Waste Floor System
    Solid Waste Floor System ANVIL-TOP metallic aggregate systems can be added to new or existing concrete
  • Portable Soil Analysis Kit
    Portable Soil Analysis Kit The RemediAid test kit determines the amount of...
  • Low-Slant Refuse Container
    Low-Slant Refuse Container For commercial and public use, the user-friendly height of this front load, low-slant container makes it well suited
  • Loadout Weighing
    Loadout Weighing An empty truck enters the yard for loading and boards the scale
  • Shaft Shear Shredders
    Shaft Shear Shredders The Tiger 4 Quad Shear 30 Series is a family of four shaft shear shredders designed to produce "one-step" assured piece sizes
  • Fury Line Tank Washers
    Fury Line Tank Washers The Fury Line of tank washers provides a solution for difficult tank cleaning problems
  • Landfill Gas Measurement and Collection
    Landfill Gas Measurement and Collection Landfill Gas Measurement and Collection
  • Range Test for Phenols
    Range Test for Phenols The reagent formulation for the measurement of phenol, ortho-substituted, and meta-substituted phenols in water
  • Gas Cylinder Sling
    Gas Cylinder Sling The Boa Grip gas cylinder sling is an easy-to-use, adjustable tool for gripping, carrying, and suspending gas cylinders
  • Drum Crushers
    Drum Crushers The massive extra heavy duty constructed Drum Crusher uses high quality industrial rated major brands and hydraulic and electric components that make for a long life and exceptional performance
  • Pumps;Electric Anchor Pump PM
    Pumps;Electric Anchor Pump PM The NEW Electric PM (Parallel Mount) Anchor Pump is an electrically driven positive displacement piston jack pump with top head drive motor. The pump is designed for difficult and challenging vault sump pumping applications and features a heavy-duty parallel mounted driver that makes the pump compact enough to easily fit into enclosed vaults
  • Hazardous Waste Solutions
    Hazardous Waste Solutions Our hazardous waste pre-processing and fuel blending systems have become the industry standard. SSI offers fully integrated, custom designed systems for effective pre-processing of hazardous wastes
  • RS-18 Recycling Trailer
    RS-18 Recycling Trailer 18' Gravity Flow Unload Recycling Trailer with 16.5 cubic yard capacity divided into 5 compartments
  • Baler
    Baler The HD-6030 baler minimizes equipment downtime by using hydraulic components
  • Flange Insulation Kits
    Flange Insulation Kits Flange insulation is said to be the most widely used form
  • Storage Bin
    Storage Bin These new storage bins offer fast, safe and clean loading.
  • Material Handler
    Material Handler The CARTOPPER material handler is designed to make unloading materials from railroad cars a more economical
  • New Hose End
    New Hose End A split ring, rotatable flange fits over and locks onto a
  • Multi-Use Baler The AT series multi-use, multi-media balers are capable of baling paper, corrugated plastics, aluminum and steel cans,
  • Compost Spreader
    Compost Spreader Used to apply soil enrichments to steep slopes, forest areas, and other terrain where accessibility and/or damage to the vegetation is a problem, the compost spreader consists of a blower/impeller combination attached to the rear of a hopper-type body
  • Height Profile Sensor
    Height Profile Sensor The DMH Height Profile Sensor uses a two-dimensional receptor array made up of 32 x 32 pixel image components to evaluate data
  • ecoStop Spill Control System
    ecoStop Spill Control System ecoStop is a petroleum spill control system for any facility or site
  • Conveyors - Mechanical Tuned Two-Mass
    Conveyors - Mechanical Tuned Two-Mass

    Low-horsepower, high-capacity units for the controlled transfer of bulk materials. Compact design presents low profile, requires minimum headroom.

  • Demo CD
    Demo CD The company has released a CD providing demo software including FingerPrint, ERS, and MRS
  • Epoleon N-100 Epoleon N-100 was developed mainly for extra-strength deodorization of neutral odors in wastewater treatment and scrubbers.
  • Circular and Rectangular Vibratory Screeners
    Circular and Rectangular Vibratory Screeners These units are designed for efficient separation, scalping
  • Wide-Mouth Extrusion Balers
    Wide-Mouth Extrusion Balers The wide mouth balers are designed for the high volume continuous processing of multiple grades of recyclable materials, even bulky sizes
  • Plow Mixers Aaron blending results in uniformity and homogeneous, accurate mixing of all grades of
  • Thermometer
    Thermometer This IR thermometer gives non-contact temperature readings up to 500°F with 2% accuracy and repeatability
  • Safety Faucets The economy safety faucet dispenses solvents and other hazardous or flammable liquids from drums or distribution
  • Tire Shredders
    Tire Shredders Garbalizer claims for its tire shredders the lowest downtime for unplanned maintenance and repairs of any similar machines
  • White Triangular Highlighter
    White Triangular Highlighter Coral Ink & Cap Colors on the 3 Corners
  • Series 500 Odor Control System The Series 500 topical odor control system was developed to control the odors associated with grit, screenings, and sludge
  • Roll-off Containers
    Roll-off Containers Bes-Pac’s diverse manufacturing capabilities allow us to manufacture roll-off containers for most any application
  • Risk Assessment
    Risk Assessment Risk assessment, as used in relation to hazardous waste, is the science of predicting the likelihood of adverse effects on humans or the environment from chemical exposure
  • Bale Gate - Closed
    Bale Gate - Closed Bale Gate - Closed
  • Sample Conditioning System
    Sample Conditioning System The sample conditioning systems are designed to condition hot sample gas streams
  • The RoadMaster™
    The RoadMaster™ The RoadMaster™ is a four head side view mirror system that replaces standard "west coast" style mirrors
  • Liqui-Tec Combustors
    Liqui-Tec Combustors The Liqui-Tec is a proven and environmentally safe system for the combustion of flammable liquids
  • M60STD 60” Baler
    M60STD 60” Baler Powerful 6" cylinder with heavy duty 4" rod for extra long life
  • Model 725DM Multiscreen
    Model 725DM Multiscreen Multiscreen 725DM Offers High Volume, High Moisture Screening of Composted Organics
  • Work Truck
    Work Truck The classic Sierra 2500 and 3500 series are fullsize pickups, capable and versatile enough to handle most jobs.
  • Taskmasker TM1600 Series - Heavy Solid Shredder
    Taskmasker TM1600 Series - Heavy Solid Shredder The TASKMASTER Model TM1600 is a powerful workhorse that can shred heavy solids in both gravity and liquid systems. The TASKMASTER TM1600 can be installed horizontally with a stand, hopper or flange adapter, or vertically for channel or pipeline applications. These units have been field tested and proven unmatched for reliability and performance.
  • Property Specific Reports - Specialty Detail This profile contains information on potentially hazardous waste sites that have been reported to the Environmental Protection Agency
  • Transfer Stations
    Transfer Stations Through innovative design, the Transtor minimizes capital and site development costs, and through flexible routing, it maximizes trailer utilization
  • Rolloff Container
    Rolloff Container Rolloff container, 12-24' 14-30 cubic yard capacity with optional compartments
  • Aluminum Live Floor Transfer Trailer
    Aluminum Live Floor Transfer Trailer The MAC MOVER’s chassis features 10-in. 26# steel subframe with tow hooks and push block, a 36-in. kingpin setting,
  • Automated Side Loader
    Automated Side Loader The Expert Cool Hand drop frame automated side loader features a large hopper, a great swept volume capacity, a
  • Refuse Containment
    Refuse Containment The FL283 Front Load, Low-Profile Container is suitable for apartment complexes, schools, hospitals and public use.
  • Urban Waste Series adds New Book The Urban Waste Expertise Programme (UWEP) has added a fifth title to its Urban Waste Series: "Solid Waste Management in Latin America—The case of small and micro-enterprises"