• Cloning Discs
    Cloning Discs The sterile cloning disc features a paper disc designed to transfer cells quickly to 24-well plates for growth
  • Starscreener
    Starscreener The mobile Erin Starscreener is the leading technology for separating and sizing organic material
  • Marathon, K-PAC and Galfab Roll-Off/Hook Hoists
    Marathon, K-PAC and Galfab Roll-Off/Hook Hoists Provides the features and benefits you need for easy-to-use, long-lasting, reliable performance.
  • East Aluminum Dropdeck Trailer
    East Aluminum Dropdeck Trailer Unitized construction of the East Aluminum dropdeck provides better strength to weight ratio increasing productivity and efficiency
  • Picking Station
    Picking Station The Morbark picking station is designed for the manual sorting of green waste, paper, plastic, glass, construction
  • MSDS Navigator CD Database
    MSDS Navigator CD Database Harness the power of the largest, most complete MSDS management database available on CD-ROM!
  • Referral Services
    Referral Services Members of this organization are offered a range of services for environmental products and services
  • New Mack Roll-Off Trucks
    New Mack Roll-Off Trucks These new 2001 Mack Roll-Offs feature a 350 hp Mack engine,
  • E-Commerce Site E-Leach is a new Internet e-commerce site exclusively for
  • Camera System This rugged camera system is specifically designed for the
  • Roto-Lift
    Roto-Lift Roto-Lift Plastic Lids are rotationally molded out of tough crosslink or linear polyethylene resin.
  • Horizontal Grinder
    Horizontal Grinder The Model 7600 Wood Hog grinds a wide variety of wood waste materials for extremely high volume reduction, disposal and
  • Custom Rotational Molding
    Custom Rotational Molding Rotational molding is a process in which dry, powdered resin is introduced in a mold, which is then placed ina heated oven and rotated simultaneously about two axis.
  • Comprehensive Products Catalog
    Comprehensive Products Catalog This new full-color, comprehensive products catalog profiles new products presented with photographs, technical
  • Hoists
    Hoists Three types of hoists are available to cover a variety of applications
  • Screening Schematic
    Screening Schematic Standard application of filter media is installed on six sides
  • Model M30STD Baler
    Model M30STD Baler When your needs are large but your space and budget are small, you need the M30STD Vertical
  • Mercury Oxide, Silver Oxide, and Button Cells Batteries
    Mercury Oxide, Silver Oxide, and Button Cells Batteries Silver Oxide batteries contain mercury and are grouped in this category
  • CO Analyzer
    CO Analyzer Bacharach, Inc. introduces the new Snifit Analyzer Series for the measurement of levels of CO between 0 and 1999 PPM
  • Open Channel Ultraviolet Disinfection System
    Open Channel Ultraviolet Disinfection System Capital Controls Company, Inc. introduces the new Scorpion ultraviolet disinfection system
  • Residential Lifter
    Residential Lifter The HighLift dumper by Toter helps improve the efficiency of collection by dumping high and deep into the hopper for
  • Spillguard™ Portable Berms
    Spillguard™ Portable Berms Spillguard™ Portable Berms are compact and ideal for use with temporary liquid storage tanks, pumps, or other equipment used in handling hazardous liquids
  • Nestable Carts
    Nestable Carts These nestable carts are capable of being safely stacked with wheels, stop bars
  • Pneumatic Pump This PVC pneumatic pump is engineered for use explosive conditions, and offers flow rates from one to 10-gpm
  • Commercial Grade
    Commercial Grade MULTI-SEAL Commercial Grade was developed by a NASA scientist almost two decades ago as a flat preventative and maintenance aid for truck tires used in general fleet, over-the-road operations
  • Sealing Mixture AV-100 Chemical Grout is a mixture of three or more water- soluble chemicals that produce stiff gels from properly catalyzed solutions
  • Ferrous and Non-ferrous metals
    Ferrous and Non-ferrous metals The ideal baler for "Resource Recovery Systems" where the various metals are pre-separated and baled for shipment to recyclers
  • Pond-X2 Odor Eliminator The Pond-X2 odor eliminator is a formulation of metal ions that provides odor control for ponds, lagoons, low flow collection systems
  • Landfill Compressor
    Landfill Compressor Sliding Vane Compressors are designed for use in landfill applications and other corrosive applications where the gas stream to be compressed contains heavy hydro-carbons and wet CO2
  • Home Wastewater Disposal System
    Home Wastewater Disposal System The Home Wastewater Disposal System pipes into the company’s sewer lines or into conventional gravity lines, requiring a standard 240-volt outlet
  • Fiberglass Flight
    Fiberglass Flight FMC Corporation developed a fiberglass flight for its rectangular sludge collector systems...
  • Horizontal Baler
    Horizontal Baler The horizontal baler features a programmable controller for automatic or manual operation
  • 1998 J & J Live Floor Trailer 1998 J & J Live Floor Trailer
  • Portable Soil Analysis Kit
    Portable Soil Analysis Kit The RemediAid test kit determines the amount of...
  • Stump and Log Shear
    Stump and Log Shear The Megabyte stump and log shear excavator attachment is designed to break down stumps and oversized logs into pieces that can be efficiently processed through waste-reduction equipment
  • Epoxy Adhesive
    Epoxy Adhesive The EP51N electrically conductive epoxy resin has been formulated with a one-to-one noncritical mix ration by weight or volume
  • Standard Rear Loader
    Standard Rear Loader This standard rear loader is designed to take on tough
  • LitterFence
    LitterFence Save Time and Money With LitterFence, The Most Effective, Economical, And Easy Way To Stop Litter...
  • Solidwaste Bookkeeping Software The CompuWeigh&trade software system is designed to simplify data
  • Multi-Compartment Rear Loader
    Multi-Compartment Rear Loader Due to its individual compartments, this model R-90 rear
  • 4 Button System
    4 Button System The 4 button system can control your Medium equipment or operational needs
  • Refuse Compactor
    Refuse Compactor The BC771RB refuse compactor offers a high operating weight and increased engine power for operation in extreme
  • Flame-Trol
    Flame-Trol The LFG Specialties “Flame-Trol” family of flare controllers are technically advanced fully integrated 100% automatic devices that provide
  • Alkaline/Zinc Carbon Batteries
    Alkaline/Zinc Carbon Batteries Zero Added Mercury (<.025% by weight mercury): The batteries are shredded and given a slight acid bath to neutralize the electrolyte
  • Waterproof Headlamp
    Waterproof Headlamp This high-intensity Krypton waterproof headlamp can be hard-hat or forehead mounted.
  • Cart Dumper
    Cart Dumper Haul-All offers a viable alternative to fully automated cart collection
  • Electronic Autoradiography System
    Electronic Autoradiography System The electronic autoradiography system is used to detect contamination on the outside surface of nuclear waste transportation containers
  • Enclosed-type Pinch Valves The Flex-Valve 2100 Series enclosed-type pinch valves are designed for corrosive- and abrasive-flow applications ...
  • Integrated Solid Waste Management Book By Lanny Hickman
    Integrated Solid Waste Management Book By Lanny Hickman This book, published in 1999 has already proven itself a favorite of practioneers in the field, regulators, and academicians throughout North America
  • Hazardous Material Storage
    Hazardous Material Storage Storage containers for hazardous materials are available in a variety
  • Epoleon HP The Epoleon HP formula was specifically designed to eliminate and neutralize aldehyde odors (acetaldehyde, formalin, etc) mainly generated from decomposed fruit and burning plastics.
  • Composter
    Composter The Classic Composter II produces rich dark humus, within 6-
  • On-Line Research Library Service
    On-Line Research Library Service The internet-based research library of remediation strategies and techniques, the Remediation Information...
  • Closed-Loop Air System
    Closed-Loop Air System The Regenerative Air Sweeper uses a controlled blast of air to dislodge debris from the surface
  • Remediation Management Book
    Remediation Management Book The new second edition of “Hazardous Waste Site Remediation Management” is a resource guide for developing a
  • Mass Burn Bottom Ash Conveyors
    Mass Burn Bottom Ash Conveyors General Kinematics delivers proven equipment performance for difficult bottom ash handling applications.
  • Marathon and Harris/Selco Vertical and Horizontal Balers
    Marathon and Harris/Selco Vertical and Horizontal Balers Greater packing force for denser, more profitable bales.
  • Mega Low Profile Cotton Twill Cap w/ Snap Back Colors: Black, Navy, Dk Gree, Khaki, Red, Natural, White
  • Trailers
    Trailers Summit Trailer Sales, Inc. manufactures a wide variety of models designed to fit your needs, whatever they may be
  • Geology/Hydrogeology Our experienced staff of geologists, hydrogeologists, geophysists, and environmental scientists provides compliance support for our corporate clients through program planning; permit application and work-plan development, monitoring network design, and field implementation.
  • Slip Ring Hose End
    Slip Ring Hose End This Slip Ring Coupled Hose is a soft wall, light duty hose with a slip ring coupled connector for irrigation and
  • T-Rex Series Baler
    T-Rex Series Baler The T-REX series is a fully functioning two-ram extrusion baler.
  • Drivelines
    Drivelines G&G Manufacturing Company carries a variety of Ready Made PTO Drivelines
    Voyager Comfort Series FLEETCRUISER AIR SUSPENSION Azdel Housings - lightweight to provide weight savings , yet strong and durable
  • Waste-management Module This Executrax waste-management software features the following attributes: system warning (to prevent violation and expirations...
  • TomCat 6 and 10 yd<sup>3</sup> Manual Side Loaders
    TomCat 6 and 10 yd3 Manual Side Loaders TomCat 6 and 10 yd3 Manual Side Loaders
  • Portable Litter Collector
    Portable Litter Collector MADVAC 61 vacuums cans, bottles, newspapers, plastic and
  • Hydraulic Feed Chipper
    Hydraulic Feed Chipper This 20hp Honda OHV 5-in. chipper features a live hydraulic feed system with factory installed electronic feed sensor.
  • Heavy Duty Grommet Mount Back-up Alarm
    Heavy Duty Grommet Mount Back-up Alarm This heavy duty alarm operates at 12-36 VDC, provides 112 dB(A) and features a reverse mounted speaker
  • 1996 Ford LNT8000
    1996 Ford LNT8000 250 H.P. Cummins, Automatic, 40,000 LB.
  • Heavy-Duty Shuttered Camera
    Heavy-Duty Shuttered Camera The CVC230XL camera and CVCSXL shuttered camera are a pair of heavy-duty cameras
  • Microbial Cleaner/Degreaser
    Microbial Cleaner/Degreaser Eliminator is not a soap, detergent or petroleum solvent.
  • Waste Systems for Roll Offs and Hook Lifts
    Waste Systems for Roll Offs and Hook Lifts The 6900 waste systems feature containers that vary in size
  • Picking Station
    Picking Station The picking station is designed for manual sorting of various waste products
  • Eddy Current Separators
    Eddy Current Separators Eddy current separators are used in the recycling industry
  • Enlarged Hose End
    Enlarged Hose End This product is similar to a soft cuff hose
  • Hydraulic Systems
    Hydraulic Systems These hydraulic power units are designed for a range of applications
  • Restroom Truck and Service Module
    Restroom Truck and Service Module The 950-gal portable restroom truck and service module is designed to pump and transport waste from portable
  • Project Management Software
    Project Management Software Primavera's SureTrak Project Manager 2.0 helps users develop a solid plan for achieving project goals and managing them to a successful finish
  • Extreme-Duty Camera
    Extreme-Duty Camera The CVC320XL camera is designed to be sturdy and durable. This heavy-duty camera is built to withstand jolts and severe weather
  • Thermoelectric Dehumidifiers
    Thermoelectric Dehumidifiers Thermoelectric cooling technology reduces the humidity of the air within the cabinet from 90% RH to 30% RH in 30 minutes
  • Rotationally Molded Roll-Out Carts This 300-gal. fully automated container is manufactured out
  • Pumps;Electric Anchor Pump PM
    Pumps;Electric Anchor Pump PM The NEW Electric PM (Parallel Mount) Anchor Pump is an electrically driven positive displacement piston jack pump with top head drive motor. The pump is designed for difficult and challenging vault sump pumping applications and features a heavy-duty parallel mounted driver that makes the pump compact enough to easily fit into enclosed vaults
  • 35 Horsepower Blades
    35 Horsepower Blades Rear Mounted Grader Blades
    VOYAGER COMFORT SERIES FABRIFORM Sears Seating’s patented Fabriform process flamebonds a tri-laminate film and foam layers to the fabric, pours foam and molds a fabric to foam cushion
  • General Purpose Floor Scales
    General Purpose Floor Scales The Aegis Basic and Aegis Basic Intalogix scales are rugged, mild steel floor scales for general purpose weighing applications
  • Digital Processing
    Digital Processing Digital video processing provides sharper edges both vertically and horizontally, which is a
  • Rear-Load Containers
    Rear-Load Containers Par-Kan Rear load containers are available from 1 cubic yard to 8 cubic yard capacities.
  • Dissolved O2 Analyzer Water Online Product Release The EXA DO400 Dissolved oxygen (DO) analyzer system was developed ...
  • Personal Gas Alarm
    Personal Gas Alarm Continuous monitoring of an atmosphere for potentially hazardous levels of Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen Sulfide or Oxygen is provided by the GasBadge personal gas alarm
  • Vehicle Washing System
    Vehicle Washing System Engineered for cleaning trucks and heavy equipment, the automated Powerwash vehicle wheel and undercarriage washing system operates in a range of site situations
  • HG-4000 Caterpillar 3412 engine Infeed substantially lower than a comparable grinder
  • Fixed Refuse Body Scale System
    Fixed Refuse Body Scale System Vulcan's fixed refuse body scale system is designed to work with all refuse bodies that are fix mounted and do not tip to dump or service.
  • Landfill Gas and Leachate Management Equipment
    Landfill Gas and Leachate Management Equipment Soiltec designs and manufactures a range of landfill gas
  • Multiple Hearth, Fluid Bed Furnaces A four-color, eight-page brochure describes a line of multiple hearth and fluid bed furnaces
  • PLATE SETTLING SYSTEM Water Online Product Release Conventional plate settling systems have many virtues and at least ...
  • CD-ROM Reference Tool
    CD-ROM Reference Tool The Part 503 Core Documents CD-ROM offers documents from the EPA Part 503 Rule
  • Litter Vacuum
    Litter Vacuum This All Terrain Litter Vacuum is an all-purpose litter picker that is
  • Powerpacker P200
    Powerpacker P200 Designed to efficiently maximize compaction ratios in order to reduce trash storage
  • Waste Recycler
    Waste Recycler The HC 2400 Waste Recycler is a heavy-duty system designed for green waste, urban wood waste, and demolition debris