• Universal Screen Machine
    Universal Screen Machine This professional screen, the FARWICK “max” is suitable for all applications including rubble, waste disposal and
  • Mashmaster Mixer/Crusher
    Mashmaster Mixer/Crusher Using four worm shafts to prepare material, the MASHMASTER mobile and stationary mixer-crusher is capable of mixing,
  • Model 6040: Transportable Sorting Station
    Model 6040: Transportable Sorting Station Model 6040: Transportable Sorting Station
  • Fountain Aerators
    Fountain Aerators Each fountain aerator consists of a pump, a float, spray nozzle, control panel with a 24-hour timer and ground fault protection, and 70 feet of power cable.
  • Rolloff Container
    Rolloff Container Rolloff container, 12-24' 14-30 cubic yard capacity with optional compartments
  • Pemberton Grapples for Excavators
    Pemberton Grapples for Excavators Guarantees maximum strength, grapple longevity and abrasion resistance
  • Snubber Test Bench Upgrade
    Snubber Test Bench Upgrade The Barker/Diacon S-4000 Series Snubber Test Bench Upgrade is designed to provide utility and service companies with a rugged, easy to maintain
  • Product Information Piece
    Product Information Piece This heavy-stock, six-page, gatefold sales brochure for the SP-23 solvent purification system uses...
  • CD-ROM Reference Tool
    CD-ROM Reference Tool The Part 503 Core Documents CD-ROM offers documents from the EPA Part 503 Rule
  • Multigrout
    Multigrout The AV-202 Multigrout is a polymer solution which cures when reacted with water
  • Catch Basin Cleaner
    Catch Basin Cleaner The Model LV16-C vacuum and catch basin cleaner offers 16,500 CFM blower and a large 12-in. diameter vacuum tube
  • Trommel
    Trommel The Olympian stand 13 ft 5 in. tall, extends 57 feet and weighs more than 72,000 pounds
  • Easy Air Portable Air Ride Meter
    Easy Air Portable Air Ride Meter No calibration required
  • Solar Powered Pneumatic Pump Controller
    Solar Powered Pneumatic Pump Controller Blackhawk’s solar powered pneumatic pump controller manages air consumption by turning the air supply to the pump ON and OFF based on timer functions or based on input from level sensors in the well or sump.
  • Pipe Liner Subtitled, "U-Liner(The Pipe Within A Pipe)", this four-color, four-page product literature describes the ...
  • Double Dump Trailer
    Double Dump Trailer This new double dump trailer that can carry a gross vehicle
  • Mixers
    Mixers Eirich’s mixers now comprise a large variety of mixer sizes from a batch volume of 3 to 7000 liters, suitable for
  • Curbtender The Curbtender’s arm assembly is made of high-strength, large-dimension tubular steel to reach up to 8 feet and lift 2,000 lbs. without bending or sagging.
  • Municipal Waste As a Consultant at Gershman, Brickner & Bratton, Inc., gained experience in all aspects of waste management planning and implementation on behalf of municipal clients throughout the U.S. Managed development of procurement documents, completed economic life-cycle computer analyses, co-signed two bond feasibility reports, secured U.S. DOE grant application, and prepared environmental impact analyses.
  • Cotton Gloves
    Cotton Gloves The company offers a range of cotton gloves including jersey, canvas and string knit gloves
  • Refuse Containment
    Refuse Containment The FL283 Front Load, Low-Profile Container is suitable for apartment complexes, schools, hospitals and public use.
  • Cardboard Baler
    Cardboard Baler The Stealth Baler is a horizontal closed end baler that has been designed for baling corrugated cardboard at
  • Computerized History System
    Computerized History System Every Crane or Hoist we Service, Inspect or Repair is included in our computerized history file
  • Dual View Camera
    Dual View Camera This Voyager AOS-44 Observation System is ideal for use with motor homes, boats, fifth wheels, travel, cargo and
  • Infectious Waste Processing System
    Infectious Waste Processing System Circle Medical Products, Inc. introduces the LFB12-5, an infectious waste process system
  • Deodorizer
    Deodorizer Safe-T-Fresh is a premium non-formaldehyde deodorizer line designed to give users superior odor control under all
  • Hy-Tower Brochure
    Hy-Tower Brochure This four-page, four-color brochure describes the company's Hy Tower TM hydraulic pull-over covering system ...
  • Ultrasonic Rail Testing
    Ultrasonic Rail Testing Hi-rail test vehicles are contracted for ultrasonic rail flaw detection by light rail, commuter, and heavy haul
  • Stress Reliever
    Stress Reliever Planet Earth Shape Stress Ball
  • Refuse Collection Packers
    Refuse Collection Packers Super Curbster packers are designed to be simple to operate
  • Injection Resin
    Injection Resin The AV-220 Hydracure Injection Resin is designed for sealing cracks and joints in concrete structures
  • Biological Process Using the properties of a plant called Lemnacae, or duckweed, ...
  • Service Module and Truck
    Service Module and Truck The 1250-gal. portable restroom truck service module and truck is designed to pump and transport waste from portable
  • Epoleon 3S
    Epoleon 3S Epoleon 3S is specially formulated organic desulphurizer/deodorizer which reacts with hydrogen sulfide for immediate results and reduces within minutes.
  • Post Side Trailers
    Post Side Trailers VANTAGE tapered, aluminum dump trailers were designed with the user in mind to eliminate the biggest, most perplexing problem in the hauling business... sticking/clogging materials. This problem translates into lost time and dollars, plus the possibility of tip-overs during unloading.
  •  Multi-Purposed Grinder - Maxigrind 500
    Multi-Purposed Grinder - Maxigrind 500 CMI Maxigrind 500 is capable of processing more than 25 stumps or 200 cubic yards per hour of mixed green waste
  • Home Wastewater Disposal System
    Home Wastewater Disposal System The Home Wastewater Disposal System pipes into the company’s sewer lines or into conventional gravity lines, requiring a standard 240-volt outlet
  • SR-2000a, Price Computing Scale with Color Touchscreen and Integrated Printer
    SR-2000a, Price Computing Scale with Color Touchscreen and Integrated Printer With a photo-ready touchscreen, intuitive user interface, and large customer display, the SR-2000a is the ideal scale for busy retailers
  • PH Sensor Systems
    PH Sensor Systems A line of four pH meters and ten pH probes based on rugged ISFET (Ion Sensitive Field Effect Transistor) sensor technology has been released
  • Scale Management Software
    Scale Management Software Thurman Scale introduces the Scale Management System, a computer program which can automatically collect and process data from any scale
  • Hanes Beefy-T 100% Cotton T-shirt
    Hanes Beefy-T 100% Cotton T-shirt Great for those working in the field, not only will they look good, they will be promoting your company at the same time
  • Composting System
    Composting System This patent pending standard Composting System includes 40 yd³ and 50 yd³ modified roll-off containers, 20
  • Ecotube NOx Reduction System
    Ecotube NOx Reduction System ECOTUBE ‘least cost’ technology delivers regulatory compliance help you generate new revenue in the emissions credits market, and delivers additional maintenance benefits at 80% below SCR costs
  • VIRTUi™ PC-Based HMI for iQUBE
    VIRTUi™ PC-Based HMI for iQUBE VIRTUi is a Windows®-based desktop application that works with iQUBE™ to replicate the IQ plus® 355 indicator Ideal for system integrators and OEMs wanting to provide a PC-based solution, VIRTUi provides the functionality of a basic weight indicator. Load cells are individually monitored and calibrated, making set-up easy.
  • Automated Scale Controller
    Automated Scale Controller With the SpeedScale System, no employees are needed and the
  • Entertainment/Amusement
    Entertainment/Amusement Who do the most demanding entertainment and amusement productions applaud
  • Hazardous Waste Services
    Hazardous Waste Services The Hazardous Waste Group of Burns & McDonnell provides CERCLA and RCRA investigation, remedial study, and implementation services for a wide range of clients
  • HG-3000 Caterpillar 3406 engine Accepts any length of material with open ended feeder
  • Space Saving Compactors
    Space Saving Compactors Marathon offers several compactors ideal for applications were space for a compaction system is limited, the volume of waste does not justify a larger system, or roll-off collection service is not available
  • Precrusher
    Precrusher The RJ-450HD/PC precrusher is designed to reduce heavy shipping crates and barrels to a fraction of their original bulk
  • PVC Coated Gloves
    PVC Coated Gloves The PVC coated gloves are designed for protection against acids, solvents and other caustic solutions
  • Remediation Management Book
    Remediation Management Book The new second edition of “Hazardous Waste Site Remediation Management” is a resource guide for developing a
  • Recyclable's Container This 60-liter container for collecting recycle-bound bottles and cans is made of thermoplastics ...
  • Waste Water Evaporator
    Waste Water Evaporator The Fen-Tech Environmental Evap-O-Dry Water Evaporation System (patent pending) is designed to efficiently evaporate waste waters
  • Metal Detector Conveyor System
    Metal Detector Conveyor System

    Regardless of your metal detection application, Eriez has the conveyor system and reject device to meet your specific needs.

  • Dish Screen
    Dish Screen The portable dish screen is engineered to be productive for a variety of materials
  • The Extruder/Feeder
    The Extruder/Feeder A Continuous Feed Auger System For Incineration
  • Single-Stream Processing
    Single-Stream Processing Single-stream or commingled collection has recently gained popularity due to collection savings realized by waste hauling companies. This collection method allows single bin trucks to be used for hauling, dramatically reducing the
  • Mesh Tarps Constructed with brass grommets placed every two ft, the PVC coated polyester, multi-color tarps are available in either heavy-duty mesh or 18 oz vinyl material
  • BenchMark™ HD Heavy Duty
    BenchMark™ HD Heavy Duty The BenchMark™ HD Heavy Duty features polyurethane rubber leveling feet with stainless steel stem
  • Polymer Mixing and Dosing Unit
    Polymer Mixing and Dosing Unit 500-gallon polymer mixing tank with (1) stainless mixing shaft solid of 5/8" diameter
  • Filtration: <b>Spectrum Filter™</B>
    Filtration: Spectrum Filter™

    The Spectrum Filtration Systems is a superior filtration system that handles water with a suspended solids concentration in excess of 100 mg/L and provides filtration turbidity of less than 0.1 NTU.

  • Interactive Education Program Totally Cycled World, an interactive CD-ROM from the Steel Recycling Institute, uses the theme of cycles to teach middle school students about waste reduction, resource conservation and multi-material recycling
  • Urban Waste Series adds New Book The Urban Waste Expertise Programme (UWEP) has added a fifth title to its Urban Waste Series: "Solid Waste Management in Latin America—The case of small and micro-enterprises"
  • Bentomat DN Geosynthetic Clay Liner
    Bentomat DN Geosynthetic Clay Liner Bentomat DN is a reinforced needlepunched GCL that not only has high internal shear strength
  • Sample Conditioning System
    Sample Conditioning System The sample conditioning systems are designed to condition hot sample gas streams
  • Integration Solution The Datastream integration solution is a framework for interfacing financial, human resources or materials management information
  • Back Support
    Back Support Featuring variable adjusting Velcro closures, the back support is manufactured with heavy duty 900 gauge material
  • Oil/Water Separator-100
    Oil/Water Separator-100 The OWS100 is a parallel corrugated plate gravity displacement type separator designed
  • Truck Mount Express Blower
    Truck Mount Express Blower The TM-20 Express Blower is a small version that features a reduced overall height for easy on-site loading and a lift
  • General Purpose Grinder - Maxigrind 460
    General Purpose Grinder - Maxigrind 460 CMI Maxigrind 460 is capable of processing more than 200 tons per hour of road asphalt for recycling
  • High-Compaction Rear Loader
    High-Compaction Rear Loader Featuring curbside dual-lever packing controls and a low loading height for convenience, the Beta high-compaction, full-eject rear loader meets ANSI Z-245.1 safety standards
  • 100% Solids Joint Filler
    100% Solids Joint Filler Masterfill 300I semi-rigid, 100% solids epoxy joint filler is designed to protect joint edges
  • Mass Burn Bottom Ash Conveyors
    Mass Burn Bottom Ash Conveyors General Kinematics delivers proven equipment performance for difficult bottom ash handling applications.
  • Specialty Stationary Compactors
    Specialty Stationary Compactors These compactors are ideal for commercial applications requiring one to two container loads of waste to be pulled
  • Collection Truck
    Collection Truck The Expert 2000 side loader provides an 18-in.-deep hopper, 1.38 cu yd swept-volume capacity, a powerful compaction cylinder force, and a dropped frame chassis for high productivity
  • The WeighStation Program
    The WeighStation Program At the first point of the data collection process, the WeighStation program, operating under Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, ME, XP, or SQL, provides the means of capturing real time data at the point of sale.
  • Magnetic Head Pulleys
    Magnetic Head Pulleys These magnetic head pulleys are simple, effective magnetic
  • Euro Screen 45
    Euro Screen 45 This FARWICK “Euro-Screen” is designed for landscaping and
  • High-Intensity Magnetic Filters
    High-Intensity Magnetic Filters

    The magnetic collection of fine particles requires a high-intensity, high-gradient magnetic field. An electromagnetic matrix-type separator, referred to as a magnet filter, has proven to be the most effective method of separation...

  • Thurman Scale Model 8560 Truck Scale
    Thurman Scale Model 8560 Truck Scale The Thurman 8560 Truck Scale uses a free floating suspension eliminating the need for check rods...
  • Degradable Film for Waste Water Control
    Degradable Film for Waste Water Control This 2 and 3 mil film is ideal for waste disposal sites where the operation process places waste over the previous
  • Vibratory Rollers
    Vibratory Rollers With performance enhancements in nominal amplitude settings, centrifugal forces and gradeability, the BW213-3
  • Environmental Audits: EPA’s Policy and State Privilege Laws
    Environmental Audits: EPA’s Policy and State Privilege Laws The best way to determine and correct your facility's regulatory compliance and noncompliance is through environmental audits
  • GR-526 The Industry Standard
    GR-526 The Industry Standard Designed to detect and record the presence of radioactive materials in trucks or rail cars
  • Routing and Billing for Commercial and Roll-off ONLY The roll-off segment of the solid waste industry is booming. There are new companies forming daily
  • Semi-Automatic Systems For Light Trucks
    Semi-Automatic Systems For Light Trucks This lightweight, all-aluminum design is well suited for
  • 35 Horsepower Blades
    35 Horsepower Blades Rear Mounted Grader Blades
  • CASCADE Residential Cart Systems
    CASCADE Residential Cart Systems Cascade Residential Cart Systems have been designed by solid waste professionals to
  • Clarifying Decanters
    Clarifying Decanters The CB 300, CA 450, 458, 505, and 755 are clarifying decanters
  • Cart Dumper
    Cart Dumper Haul-All offers a viable alternative to fully automated cart collection
  • Commercial Express Blower
    Commercial Express Blower The EB-40 is built on a Class 7 size chassis with a three-
  • Drag chainbelt conveyors
    Drag chainbelt conveyors All conveyors are shipped complete and ready-to-run unless otherwise stated in the quote.<
  • Thick-Wall Spray Ball
    Thick-Wall Spray Ball The extended range and durability of the Thick-Wall spray ball is made possible by its ¼ in. (6 mm) wall thickness
  • 1994 & 1995 Mack MR690s
    1994 & 1995 Mack MR690s 300 H.P. Mack, 7 Speed, 44,000 LB. Rears
  • The PoleCat™
    The PoleCat™ The PoleCat line of truck mirror systems offers exceptional image definition, and in the case of our radical new convex lenses, the most extreme fields-of-view available for the road.
  • ASTM Class 0-7, Test Weights
    ASTM Class 0-7, Test Weights Rice Lake sets the industry standard with a 4-day turnaround on new masses, calibrations, and recalibrations. Our laboratory weights and precision mass standards conform to ASTM Class 0 through Class 7
  • SURVIVOR® CW-80 Over/Under Checkweighers
    SURVIVOR® CW-80 Over/Under Checkweighers The SURVIVOR® CW-80 over/under checkweighers is made of industrial-quality 304 stainless steel construction
  • Clement 12' Rolls
    Clement 12' Rolls Clement 12' Rolls
  • Compactor Monitoring System
    Compactor Monitoring System The TrashMinder monitor system measures and reports container fullness, and controls and reports container usage