• Super Series 6 & 8 yd<sup>3</sup> Rear Loaders
    Super Series 6 & 8 yd3 Rear Loaders For rural routes, tight spots, and low clearance areas.
  • Ultraseal 5 gal pail
    Ultraseal 5 gal pail Seals porosity leaks
  • XP-100 and XP-200 Odor Eliminators The XP-100 and XP-200 odor eliminators are chemical reactant odor neutralizers in an oil base
  • Waste Management Resource Recovery
    Waste Management Resource Recovery Herzog provides solid waste management and construction services to federal, state, and local governmental
  • Satellite Screens
    Satellite Screens These screens are highway towable pintle hook trailer packages that do not require a permit for transport.
  • Demolition Dump Trailer
    Demolition Dump Trailer Built to handle demolition debris and abusive work-site conditions, the DynaHauler/DT Demolition Dump Trailer is constructed of top grade materials
  • Reducers
    Reducers Many standard slope lengths for concentric and eccentric reducers are available
  • Automated Front Loaders
    Automated Front Loaders Our Automated arm front loaders carry the Herculesª designation. The compact arm design brings the body forward on the chassis for better weight distribution.
  • 1990 VOLVO WG64
    1990 VOLVO WG64 270 h.p. Cummins, 8 speed, 40,000 lb. rears, Galbreath "dead-lift" roll-off with box.
  • Aprons
    Aprons The company offers a heavy weight denim apron for dry, dirty jobs and a yellow neoprene coated apron for splash resistance
  • Vehicle Recording System WinVRS is a program that gives users control of scale and truck weight operations
  • Auto-Mate Series Truck
    Auto-Mate Series Truck Features of our Auto-Mate Series Truck
  • Mammoth Series Truck
    Mammoth Series Truck specifications of the Mammoth Series Truck
  • Wind Sifter Vibrating Screen
    Wind Sifter Vibrating Screen The Farwick "hurrikan" Windsighter is for composting, waste wood recycling and construction waste treatment plants
  • Side-Squeeze Shears Harris Waste Management Group, Inc. reintroduced its' side-squeeze (SS) shear with thirteen redesigned models...
  • Spade Nose Rock Buckets
    Spade Nose Rock Buckets ALL the industrial Rock Buckets are manufactured utilizing superb engineering and the finest materials available
  • Hauler Series
    Hauler Series Hauler Series Roll-Out Carts feature state-of-the-art rotational molding fabrication for superior strength and resiliency.
  • Curbside Loader
    Curbside Loader The FLARE is an ergonomically designed curbside loader that allows...
  • Excavator
    Excavator With the KX-2 series excavators, the high output and strong torque of the E-TVCS diesel engine is combined with a new
  • PVC Coated Gloves
    PVC Coated Gloves The PVC coated gloves are designed for protection against acids, solvents and other caustic solutions
  • Tow Behind Windrow Turners
    Tow Behind Windrow Turners We build the world’s finest windrow turners and have become the leader in composting equipment
  • Steel Dump Bodies
    Steel Dump Bodies McClain Galion¨ dump bodies range in capacity from two to 26 cubic yards and have many features that contribute to their strength and durability.
  • Compressor Packages
    Compressor Packages LFG Specialties designs, manufactures and supplies a complete range of gas recovery/delivery packages for the waste
  • Gasification Process
    Gasification Process With this process, tires are shredded on receipt to a minus 2 x 2 particle size through the use of a mobile shredder
  • Self-Dumping Hoppers
    Self-Dumping Hoppers These self-dumping hoppers are designed for durability and
  • Baling Machine
    Baling Machine The MAC 108 has been designed for baling medium to large quantities
  • Manual Side Loader
    Manual Side Loader The Manual Side Loader (MSL) is designed for single-operator residential refuse collection
  • Aerobic Bioreactors
    Aerobic Bioreactors Aerobic Bioreactors
  • COD Reactor
    COD Reactor Bioscience, Inc. offers an expanded 30-tube reactor for those laboratories completing a large number of...
  • GSE StudLiner™
    GSE StudLiner™ GSE StudLiner™ is a high-density polyethylene embedment liner designed to protect new and existing concrete structures from corrosive and erosive environments
  • SludgeMASTER RK Indirect Sludge Dryer
    SludgeMASTER RK Indirect Sludge Dryer Benefits of Heat Drying
  • Robotic Side Loader
    Robotic Side Loader The Flex Arm Robotic Side Loader has a reach of 8 ½ feet and operates on three cylinders
  • Waste Container Liners
    Waste Container Liners These drawstring bag liners work for roll-offs, dump
  • Mixer Extruder with Standard Gear Case Aaron blending results in uniformity and homogeneous, accurate mixing of all grades of
  • Conveyor Scale
    Conveyor Scale The WY15 conveyor scale from Tecweigh features two precision NTEP approved stain gauge load cells...
  • Heavy-Duty Work Vehicle
    Heavy-Duty Work Vehicle The Sierra 3500 HD is a vehicle that features a heavy-duty
  • Tire Processing Shredder
    Tire Processing Shredder The 3000-ESP is available in 200 or 250 HP direct drive
  • Product Information Piece
    Product Information Piece This heavy-stock, six-page, gatefold sales brochure for the SP-23 solvent purification system uses...
  • Mobile Confidential Shredding System
    Mobile Confidential Shredding System Secure document destruction is a vital concern for businesses and government agencies
  • Can Sorter Model CM-18-10 This medium volume can sorter allows you to easily sort aluminum cans from steel, bi-metal, or other ferrous materials
  • Rear Load & Front Load Containers
    Rear Load & Front Load Containers Rear Load Containers are manufactured in sizes from 1 Cu. Yd. to 10 Cu. Yds. and are backed by Nedland's more than 50 Years of service
  • Paper Recycling
    Paper Recycling This company provides a full range of services to the Paper
  • SURVIVOR® EZ Flattop Truck Scale
    SURVIVOR® EZ Flattop Truck Scale SURVIVOR EZ vehicle scales feature a low-profile, 12.5- inch-thick steel and concrete weighbridge, and and up to 14-foot wide loading area for greater safety and faster processing during peak usage times.
  • Agitated Media Mill
    Agitated Media Mill This new Agitated Media Mill is for wet and dry grinding
  • 2000 MACK
    2000 MACK All the horses and chrome you can get! Trucks & Parts of Tampa
  • New Roll-Off Scale
    New Roll-Off Scale Vulcan, a leading manufacturer of on-board scale systems for the refuse industry, has announced a new on-board roll-off scale
  • Turbodisc Tank Washers
    Turbodisc Tank Washers Turbodisc tank washers represent the highest level of cleaning technology available today
  • Swinging Pendulum Magnets
    Swinging Pendulum Magnets This large and durable magnetic separator was originally
  • V4 Valve
    V4 Valve The Soiltec V4 near-linear flow control valve is the first valve designed specifically for landfill fast flow control
  • Chemical Grout
    Chemical Grout The AV-118 Duriflex is a water solution of acrylic resins
  • 920i HMI Programmable Indicator/Controller
    920i HMI Programmable Indicator/Controller The 920i® combines performance-driven circuitry, simplified architecture, and intuitive features. Up to 10 different screens can be programmed to change with the process, and graphic icons and messages show setpoint and function status
  • Filtration: <b>Spectrum Filter™</B>
    Filtration: Spectrum Filter™

    The Spectrum Filtration Systems is a superior filtration system that handles water with a suspended solids concentration in excess of 100 mg/L and provides filtration turbidity of less than 0.1 NTU.

  • Foam Grout The AV-267 Rigid Foam Grout is a one component polyurethane consisting of an isocyanate component
  • Insurance Program
    Insurance Program WASTEPAC is a specially designed insurance program for the
  • 1987 Yankee Live Floor Trailer 1987 Yankee Live Floor Trailer
  • Automatic Tarping Machine
    Automatic Tarping Machine The Automatic Tarping Machine (ATM) is a self-contained unit that enables various types of equipment to hydraulically unroll and roll back up different fabric panels
  • Steel Walking Floor Closed Top
    Steel Walking Floor Closed Top Steco’s steel live-floor closed-top trailer exhibits superior ability to withstand even the most excruciating compactor applications
  • The M60MD
  • Mobile Shredder/Grinder
    Mobile Shredder/Grinder Featuring a continuous floor feeding mechanism and aggressive pull-in rollers, the company’s mobile shredder/grinder can shred up to 50 tons of mixed yard waste per hour
  • Landfill Security Program
    Landfill Security Program Package of financial products and services specially designed for small- and medium-sized landfill operators. Combines EMCON’s onsite engineering services with insurance and risk management services offered by Breitstone & Co. Ltd, a firm specializing in the environmental and construction industries. Landfill owners make a payment or payments during the operating life of the site equal to the discounted net present value of expected closure and post-closure costs. In return, EMCON/OWT provides a guarantee that all existing and future requirements and liabilities will be met.
  • Ecosorb Odor Neutralizer
    Ecosorb Odor Neutralizer

    Ecosorb® products use natural ingredients to eliminate industrial smells without the need for harsh chemicals or masking fragrances. 

  • Clement 12' Rolls
    Clement 12' Rolls Clement 12' Rolls
  • Fabrine
    Fabrine Demanding Applications - Fabric of Choice
  • Solids Concentration Monitor
    Solids Concentration Monitor The Model 610 Solids Concentration Monitor is an instrument used for the measurement of suspended solids
  • American Roll-Off
    American Roll-Off The American Roll-Off is available custom built to the customer chassis in lengths ranging from 16 feet to 26
  • Multichannel Vibration/Temperature Transmitter Dual-channel signal conditioners in the PMC/BETA Model 5000 multichannel transmitter accept...
  • Fleet Management System
    Fleet Management System The AutoMate fleet management system is an on-board computer system
  • 35 Horsepower Blades
    35 Horsepower Blades Rear Mounted Grader Blades
  • Tank - Platform Scales
    Tank - Platform Scales Model 4010™ Electronic (digital) TANK - PLATFORM Scale designed specifically for permanently mounted drum or tank...
  • Container Dumper
    Container Dumper The Lift & Seal system is designed to discharge containers of various powders into a 90” high receiving vessel
  • Solid Waste Landfill Design and Construction Services
    Solid Waste Landfill Design and Construction Services Gannett Fleming was selected to redesign portions of a 75-acre, 500 tpd sanitary landfill
  • Medium-Compaction Rear Loader
    Medium-Compaction Rear Loader Incorporating a Floor Trough design to strengthen the body while providing a natural sump for liquid containment, the Alpha Rear Loader is a medium-compaction, full-eject, versatile system
  • Protective Caps
    Protective Caps V-Gard protective caps and hats consist of a polyethylene shell and suspension system
  • Multiple Log Delimber/Debarker
    Multiple Log Delimber/Debarker The DD 4800-DH multiple log delimber/debarker can produce 40-60 U.S. tons per hour, with a bark content of less than one percent
  • AJ-4F Performance Specification Sheet The AJ-4F Hauler™ Fork system lifting and rotating capacity is 10,000 lb
  • Biomatrix Gold™
    Biomatrix Gold™ Biomatrix Gold™ is a natural absorbent made from sphagnum moss... a made to order natural solution for environmental spills
  • Closed-Loop Air System
    Closed-Loop Air System The Regenerative Air Sweeper uses a controlled blast of air to dislodge debris from the surface
  • Submersible Control Panel
    Submersible Control Panel The Water Champ Control Panel is specifically designed to offer protection for your submersible "F" Series Water Champ Chemical Induction System.
  • Material Handling Equipment For Residual Removal
    Material Handling Equipment For Residual Removal This system is a semi-automatic unit used to drag the residual recyclables and other non-combustible material (such as glass and metal) out of the Primary Chamber
  • Frontload Containers
    Frontload Containers For over 25 years Bes-Pac has been engineering and manufacturing containers for industrial and commercial use
  • Routing and Billing for Commercial and Roll-off ONLY The roll-off segment of the solid waste industry is booming. There are new companies forming daily
  • Safety/Environment Control System Providing real-time environmental information, Xenvi is an integrated safety and environment control system
  • Oil/Water Separator-100
    Oil/Water Separator-100 The OWS100 is a parallel corrugated plate gravity displacement type separator designed
  • Trident Pneumatic Piston Pump Model DT-03
    Trident Pneumatic Piston Pump Model DT-03 The Trident Pneumatic Piston Pump Model DT-03 is powered by compressed air. The control motor is located at surface grade for easy installation and maintenance. Industrial-quality air pressure is used to power the pump motor.
  • Lifts
    Lifts The new models 70000 and 71000 offer users the power and
  • New Hose End
    New Hose End A split ring, rotatable flange fits over and locks onto a
  • Indoor and Outdoor Sweeper
    Indoor and Outdoor Sweeper With a clearance as low as 6½-ft., the model 210 can be used for both indoor and outdoor sweeping applications.
  • Municipal Waste As a Consultant at Gershman, Brickner & Bratton, Inc., gained experience in all aspects of waste management planning and implementation on behalf of municipal clients throughout the U.S. Managed development of procurement documents, completed economic life-cycle computer analyses, co-signed two bond feasibility reports, secured U.S. DOE grant application, and prepared environmental impact analyses.
  • 3M™ Low-Profile Ear Muffs 1425 & Three-Position Ear Muffs 1427
    3M™ Low-Profile Ear Muffs 1425 & Three-Position Ear Muffs 1427 Play the 3M Ear Muff Game and you could win a TV or a CD System! ...
  • ecoSep  Below Grade Oil/Water Separator
    ecoSep Below Grade Oil/Water Separator ecoSep is a cost-effective below grade oil/water separation unit that can help keep water clean from oil contaminates
  • Double Dump Trailer
    Double Dump Trailer This new double dump trailer that can carry a gross vehicle
  • Laser Measurement System
    Laser Measurement System The operating principle of the non-contact Laser Measurement System (LMS) is based on time-of-flight measurement
  • Urethane Chemical Grout The AV-244 Power Seal is a one component, acetone free, hydrophilic urethane chemical grout for sealing water leaks
  • Foldable Container
    Foldable Container Developed for applications with limited space availability, Plibac lifting container has two side handles located outside parts that allow for locking and unlocking of the unit
  • Baler
    Baler Designed for lower volume requirements or where plant space is limited, the Badger provides the baling power of a heavy duty 2-ram
  • Mass Burn Bottom Ash Conveyors
    Mass Burn Bottom Ash Conveyors General Kinematics delivers proven equipment performance for difficult bottom ash handling applications.
  • Built-in Steel Hose End
    Built-in Steel Hose End This is a machine faced flanged nipple built into the hose
  • Service Module and Truck
    Service Module and Truck The 1250-gal. portable restroom truck service module and truck is designed to pump and transport waste from portable
  • Treatment Aide BEI-100's organic enzymes create an environment that will not support algae...