• PosiFlex Intergrated Valve Positioning System
    PosiFlex Intergrated Valve Positioning System Today’s process control systems are high quality, reliable, intelligent–and extremely dependent upon timely information received from instruments in the field
  • Injection Resin
    Injection Resin Designed for sealing cracks and joints in concrete structures by injection, the AV-220 Hydracure Injection Resin uses the variable pressure application technique
  • Plant Improvement Program
    Plant Improvement Program This company provides cost effective design and engineering
  • Trident Pneumatic Piston Pump Model DT-02
    Trident Pneumatic Piston Pump Model DT-02 The Trident Pneumatic Piston Pump Model DT-02 is powered by compressed air. The control motor is located at surface grade for easy installation and maintenance. Industrial-quality air pressure is used to power the pump motor. Power to the pump is direct from grade through the sucker rod assembly.
  • Telemetry Interface Units Teldata's telemetry interface units (TIUs) have been modified
  • Hydraulic Cart/Container Dumpers
    Hydraulic Cart/Container Dumpers These hydraulic dumpers are available in a variety of
  • Steel Grit Abrasive Blasting
    Steel Grit Abrasive Blasting Dragon Industries LaPorte Facility has a totally enclosed, environmentally controlled abrasive blasting and painting facility
  • Mercury Oxide, Silver Oxide, and Button Cells Batteries
    Mercury Oxide, Silver Oxide, and Button Cells Batteries Silver Oxide batteries contain mercury and are grouped in this category
  • Convert-A-Cap SC01 Head Protector
    Convert-A-Cap SC01 Head Protector Convert any baseball cap into a piece of protective headgear offering a mild form of head protection.
  • Solid Waste Shredders
    Solid Waste Shredders The SW 80 and SW 200, in conjunction with the Classifier unit, are rugged and heavy shredders that are...
  • Hydraulic Dump
    Hydraulic Dump This unit can be equipped with any of the 200+ available filter media screens
  • Bulk hauler This weight sensitive bulk hauler is designed to save pounds without sacrificing power, durability or driver comfort
  • Injection System
    Injection System The TRITON INJECTOR Condensate and Leachate Injection System is designed to provide safe, reliable, and cost-
  • Solid Waste Planning
    Solid Waste Planning SCS works with municipalities, counties, solid waste districts, and other public entities across the country to develop workable plans that meet regulatory requirements
  • Compact Tractors
    Compact Tractors These 4-wheel B-Series drive compact tractors are powered by a liquid-cooled diesel engine with 16 and 21 engine
  • Bumper Crane
    Bumper Crane The Fold-A-Way Bumper Crane acts as five tools in one
  • pH Tester
    pH Tester This double junction waterproof pHTestr2 is a pocket-sized
  • Treatment Aide BEI-100's organic enzymes create an environment that will not support algae...
  • Seven-in. Monitor
    Seven-in. Monitor The CVM700 monitor offers the largest screen area within a seven-in. cabinet
  • Product Information Piece
    Product Information Piece This heavy-stock, six-page, gatefold sales brochure for the SP-23 solvent purification system uses...
  • Multi-Use Baler The AT series multi-use, multi-media balers are capable of baling paper, corrugated plastics, aluminum and steel cans,
  • Landfill Compressor
    Landfill Compressor Sliding Vane Compressors are designed for use in landfill applications and other corrosive applications where the gas stream to be compressed contains heavy hydro-carbons and wet CO2
  • Saponifier GOC saponifier is a technology for the reduction and removal of fats, oil, and grease (FOG’s) from wet wells,
  • Grinding/Recycling Machine The Proto-Grind 1200 grinder was built to minimize waste. Itcan be operated right in a development...
  • Tire Shredders
    Tire Shredders Garbalizer claims for its tire shredders the lowest downtime for unplanned maintenance and repairs of any similar machines
  • Rear Load & Front Load Containers
    Rear Load & Front Load Containers Rear Load Containers are manufactured in sizes from 1 Cu. Yd. to 10 Cu. Yds. and are backed by Nedland's more than 50 Years of service
  • Automated Caster Carts
    Automated Caster Carts Automated Caster Carts can be dumped manually or with a variety of Lifters.
  • Wood/Stump Shear/Ripper
    Wood/Stump Shear/Ripper Weld-on replaceable blades and teeth are standard on the Excavator hydraulic Wood/Stump Shear/Ripper
  • LO-CAT®

    The LO-CAT® process is a patented, wet scrubbing, liquid redox system that uses a chelated iron solution to convert H2S to innocuous, elemental sulfur. It does not use any toxic chemicals and does not produce any hazardous waste byproducts. The catalyst is readily available and since it’s continuously regenerated in the process, less catalyst is used, more money is saved.

  • Auto-Mate Series Truck
    Auto-Mate Series Truck Features of our Auto-Mate Series Truck
  • Pneumatic Conveying System
    Pneumatic Conveying System The EB-60 Express Mulch Blower is a fully integrated truck and trailer unit, designed for both residential and
  • Touch Screen System
    Touch Screen System New Action TRAKKER software is now integrated into the
  • Hydraulic Controls
    Hydraulic Controls Hydraulic Controls
  • Dish Screen
    Dish Screen The portable dish screen is engineered to be productive for a variety of materials
  • WG MVP Premium Feature Package
    WG MVP Premium Feature Package The following is a representative package of premium features included on your WG MVP
  • Hook-All Lift
    Hook-All Lift Hook-All lifts specialize in hooklifts for single axle chassis of 15,000 GVW through 33,000 GVW. Hook-All allows
  • High Performance Package Plant High Performance Package Plant Manufacturer's literature describes how a ...
  • Quality/Compliance Software Manager
    Quality/Compliance Software Manager The company’s e-PQC is web-enabled, application software designed to replace paper quality forms, collect and store quality data
  • Dump Trailers
    Dump Trailers East Frame Dump trailers are designed for low-tare duty
  • Curbside Containers
    Curbside Containers Busch Systems International, Inc. introduces the SIR series of Curbside Containers
  • CO2 Detector
    CO2 Detector Bacharach, Inc. introduces the new Bacharach C02 monitor detecting and warning device
  • Snubber Test Bench Upgrade
    Snubber Test Bench Upgrade The Barker/Diacon S-4000 Series Snubber Test Bench Upgrade is designed to provide utility and service companies with a rugged, easy to maintain
  • Lithium Batteries
    Lithium Batteries A lithium salt mixture is recovered and shipped to another facililty that recovers pure lithium carbonate from the impure mixture of lithium salts
  • Landfill Gas Measurement and Collection
    Landfill Gas Measurement and Collection Landfill Gas Measurement and Collection
  • Heavy Duty Vacuum Load Container
    Heavy Duty Vacuum Load Container Heavy Duty Vacuum Load Container
  • Thermal Oxidation System Flyer
    Thermal Oxidation System Flyer This flyer describes the Combu-Changer® stone-based regenerative thermal oxidizer.
  • Portable Filter Machine
    Portable Filter Machine This Filter Stage removes both solid contaminants and water
  • Semi-Automatic Systems For Light Trucks
    Semi-Automatic Systems For Light Trucks This lightweight, all-aluminum design is well suited for
  • Generator Sets CAT Diesel Generator Sets are factory designed, and certified prototype tested with torsional analysis
  • WASTE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE Managing waste disposal is a tedious process for many companies. Anywaste has created software to combat this problem and make the process actually enjoyable. Our
  • Epoleon 3S
    Epoleon 3S Epoleon 3S is specially formulated organic desulphurizer/deodorizer which reacts with hydrogen sulfide for immediate results and reduces within minutes.
  • Hydraulic Power Units
    Hydraulic Power Units Fluid Power Specialists
  • Can Sorter Model CM-18-10 This medium volume can sorter allows you to easily sort aluminum cans from steel, bi-metal, or other ferrous materials
  • Gel Grouting System
    Gel Grouting System AV-254 Gelseal is a chemical grouting product that forms a gel mass when it comes in contact with water
  • Portable or Drum-mount Fogger The Commander Tri-Jet portable or drum-mount fogger applies a fog of counteractant chemical directly to the odor source
  • Composter
    Composter The Classic Composter II produces rich dark humus, within 6-
  • Litter Containers
    Litter Containers The Standard Litter Container features
  • EM Features Software Special Air & Waste Management's July 1997 issue of EM contains the 1997 "Guide to
  • Bulk Systems Metal Detectors
    Bulk Systems Metal Detectors

    Metal Detectors - Eriez' E-Z Tec® Low Profile Metal Detectors are excellent for detection and removal of ferrous, nonferrous, and stainless metal contaminants in gravity fed powder or granulated products.

  • Super Curbster
    Super Curbster The Super Curbster is Haul-All's alley and narrow lane specialist
  • The Straight Rack Container System
    The Straight Rack Container System The figure above shows the linear rack option for container placement
  • Automated Fueling System
    Automated Fueling System This Vehicle Information Transmitter (V.I.T.) eliminates
  • Middle Busters
    Middle Busters ONE-, TWO-, and THREE-BOTTOM MIDDLE BUSTERS are versatile gardening tools with 14" heat treated lister bottom(s), Category I hitch, tool bar included or available separately
  • Paper Recycling
    Paper Recycling This company provides a full range of services to the Paper
  • Environmental Training Library on CD-Rom
    Environmental Training Library on CD-Rom From asbestos handling to wastewater treatment, this one-stop resource delivers the ready-to-use PowerPoint® training materials to give hazwaste, EPA, DOT, and OSHA’s required training--all on one CD-Rom
  • Remote Inventory Monitoring System
    Remote Inventory Monitoring System The Remote Inventory Monitoring System lets suppliers and end users supervise multiple vessels with an off-site PC.
  • Open-Top Round bottom Roll Off Dewatering Unit
    Open-Top Round bottom Roll Off Dewatering Unit All screens to be mounted flush, and tight with no leaks for solid migration
  • Methane Specific The MDU420 dual-range methane monitor is a portable instrument designed for use at landfills.
  • (2) 1994 & 1995 MACK DM690s
    (2) 1994 & 1995 MACK DM690s 300 h.p. Mack, 7 speed, 44,000 lb. rears with air-lift 3rd axle. 60,000 lb. Gal-Fab roll-off.
  • 1994 & 1995 Mack MR690s
    1994 & 1995 Mack MR690s 300 H.P. Mack, 7 Speed, 44,000 LB. Rears
  • Nestable Carts
    Nestable Carts These nestable carts are capable of being safely stacked with wheels, stop bars
  • Sludge Meter
    Sludge Meter The EZ-BOD Meter is programmed to provide sludge stability lower than U.S. 503 regulations. The oxygen...
  • Clamshell Buckets
    Clamshell Buckets For Loader-Backhoes Wheel & Track Excavators
  • Universal Co-Collection Carts
    Universal Co-Collection Carts This patented line of co-collection carts is designed to work in conjunction with compartmentalized trucks to allow
  • Polished-Aluminum Tarp Systems By combining various aluminum components, the manufacturer
  • The Tiger 4 Electro-Shear - Single Step Size Reduction
    The Tiger 4 Electro-Shear - Single Step Size Reduction The KOMAR Electro-Shear duplicates products produced from larger costlier systems
  • Conveyor Systems
    Conveyor Systems Marathon’s sliderbed, chainbelt and steelbelt conveyor systems are built tough – with designs for low and high volume operations
  • Integrated Landfill Management System
    Integrated Landfill Management System In response to new permit conditions associated with a new landfill expansion, Gannett Fleming developed an integrated landfill management system for a city in Pennsylvania
  • Cover System
    Cover System Enviro cover system is an alternative cover (AC) system consisting of patented and patent pending degradable
  • Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer
    Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer Housed inside a rugged and sealed NEMA 4 enclosure, the HFID Model 3-400 is a compact wall mount heated total hydrocarbon analyzer
  • Digital Video Recorder
    Digital Video Recorder This recorder captures high quality video images directly to your computer that are higher in quality and resolution than
  • Composting System
    Composting System This patent pending standard Composting System includes 40 yd³ and 50 yd³ modified roll-off containers, 20
  • Rainsuit
    Rainsuit Made of medium-weight PVC coated onto a woven polyester fabric backing, the 220 rainsuit is a two piece set
  • Combustion Analyzer The CA 40H Hand-Held Combustion Analyzer allows the user to monitor,
  • 200 Hydrostatic Tractor
    200 Hydrostatic Tractor DIESEL ENGINE POWER
  • Aeromaster PT 120 Compost Turner
    Aeromaster PT 120 Compost Turner Appropriate for most windrow composters, the PT-120 is our most popular model
  • Flowmeter
    Flowmeter Fluid Components International introduced the FlexMASSter ST95B-EN Flowmeter
  • Commercial Waste Container
    Commercial Waste Container The 4200 commercial waste containers are designed for front-load lifters
  • Food Pipeline Metal Detector For Liquid Products
    Food Pipeline Metal Detector For Liquid Products

    Eriez Food Liquid Line or Pipeline Metal Detection System enhances product purity and protects vital downstream equipment from metal in the product stream for food manufacturers.

  • Ribbon Mixer/Blender
    Ribbon Mixer/Blender Aaron blending results in uniformity and homogeneous, accurate mixing of all grades of materials from granular, heavy density cakes, plastics and pigments
  • Geology/Hydrogeology Our experienced staff of geologists, hydrogeologists, geophysists, and environmental scientists provides compliance support for our corporate clients through program planning; permit application and work-plan development, monitoring network design, and field implementation.
  • Baler
    Baler Designed for lower volume requirements or where plant space is limited, the Badger provides the baling power of a heavy duty 2-ram
  • Aluminum Dump
    Aluminum Dump The Steco aluminum dump trailer combines the strength of a full frame trailer with the weight savings of aluminum
  • Mobile Fingerscreener 165
    Mobile Fingerscreener 165 The Erin Fingerscreener 165 is an extreme mobile screening machine
  • Chemical Grouts Scotch-Seal chemical grout 5600 is FDA approved and is certified for use with potable water contact
  • Solid Waste Management Video Series “Our Urban Environment: Solid Waste Issues and Options” is an 8-part video series featuring interviews from state
  • (2) 1994 Mack DM690s
    (2) 1994 Mack DM690s 300 H.P. Mack, 7 speed, 44,000 LB. rears
  • Transporters
    Transporters These large capacity transports are designed for a range of applications in the oil, aerospace, and marine industries