• Material Handling Equipment For Residual Removal
    Material Handling Equipment For Residual Removal This system is a semi-automatic unit used to drag the residual recyclables and other non-combustible material (such as glass and metal) out of the Primary Chamber
  • ASTEC System
    ASTEC System The ASTEC system is designed for efficiency, flexibility and reliability.
  • Industrial Remote Control Systems
    Industrial Remote Control Systems Remote Control Systems and / or control panels for heavy equipment and industrial applications are available
  • Telma's Frictionless Braking Systems
    Telma's Frictionless Braking Systems A force as old as gravity is leading a technological revolution
  • Tire Shredder
    Tire Shredder This tire shredder is engineered specifically to cut whole
  • Residential Lifter
    Residential Lifter The HighLift dumper by Toter helps improve the efficiency of collection by dumping high and deep into the hopper for
  • Auto-Tie Baler
    Auto-Tie Baler The 2R63 two-ram, auto-tie baler chassis utilizes interlocking design and solid steel sheets to provide seamless construction
  • Processing Device
    Processing Device The SM is a versatile processing device with the ability to
  • Separators
    Separators Both the Suspended Electromagnetic and Permanent Magnetic Separators automatically remove large amounts of ferrous from nonferrous materials
  • Chemical Recycling Service By breaking plastics down into their underlying monomers and delivering them as feedstock, customers can close the
  • Pipe Camera
    Pipe Camera The P494 Flxiview EX Camera offers pan/rotate capability in pies as small as six inches in diameter
  • RS-18 Recycling Trailer
    RS-18 Recycling Trailer RS-18 Recycling Trailer is an 18' Gravity Flow Unload Recycling Trailer with 16.5 cubic yard capacity divided into 5 compartments
  • New Hose End
    New Hose End A split ring, rotatable flange fits over and locks onto a
  • Odor Counteractant
    Odor Counteractant The Phantom 4 Odor Counteractant is comprised of a blend of essential oils
  • Resuscitator Kit
    Resuscitator Kit A disposable resuscitator with all the essential features
  • WG MVP Premium Feature Package
    WG MVP Premium Feature Package The following is a representative package of premium features included on your WG MVP
  • Curbside Containers
    Curbside Containers Busch Systems International, Inc. introduces the SIR series of Curbside Containers
  • Steel Grit Abrasive Blasting
    Steel Grit Abrasive Blasting Dragon Industries LaPorte Facility has a totally enclosed, environmentally controlled abrasive blasting and painting facility
  • Grinding/Recycling Machine The Proto-Grind 1200 grinder was built to minimize waste. Itcan be operated right in a development...
  • Vocational Truck
    Vocational Truck The VHD features an interior that is quiet and spacious, and provides visibility, a standard driver-side airbag, and
  • Material Handler
    Material Handler The CARTOPPER material handler is designed to make unloading materials from railroad cars a more economical
  • Utility Truck
    Utility Truck The ultimate utility truck for parks and recreation and highway clean-up
  • HG- 5000 Caterpillar 3412 engine Massive hammermill with replaceable hammers and tips
  • Vibratory Feeder - 48A
    Vibratory Feeder - 48A

    This model is big enough to handle feeding jobs pouring out up to 12 tons per hr. It has many applications including controlled feeding to conveyor belts, grinders, packaging machines and more.

  • Overhead Magnetic Separators
    Overhead Magnetic Separators These overhead magnetic separators are suspended over a conveyor line to remove ferrous metal from the product
  • Garbage Grapple
    Garbage Grapple The company Excavator garbage grapple features replaceable protector tips
  • Recycling Gloves
    Recycling Gloves The Nitro-Pro recycling gloves are made with a cotton jersey lining and are engineered to be puncture- and cut-resistant
  • Lateral Repair System
    Lateral Repair System CSR Pipeline Systems introduced the IHC System (Intralaminar Heat Cure). This system was designed to...
  • Bandit Industries Model 3680 Recyclerm Bandit Industries will feature its Model 3680 Beast Recyclerm at Waste Expo'97.
  • Electronic Report Filing System
    Electronic Report Filing System ERS is an electronic report filing system that allows generators to electronically file their waste reports with state regulators, and allows state regulators to electronically file with the EPA
  • Slip Ring Hose End
    Slip Ring Hose End This Slip Ring Coupled Hose is a soft wall, light duty hose with a slip ring coupled connector for irrigation and
  • Pollution Prevention Technologies in Enforcement Settlements The U.S. EPA has published, "Identification of Pollution Prevention Technologies for Possible Inclusion in Enforcement Agreements ...
  • Material Collection
    Material Collection The TWISTER is an efficient, low maintenance direct drive
  • RoughDeck™ HE Hostile Environment Stainless Steel
    RoughDeck™ HE Hostile Environment Stainless Steel The RoughDeck HE is a hostile environment, stainless steel floor scale designed specifically for corrosion resistance and long life in demanding washdown applications. Design features include a 6", 304 stainless steel channel frame and smooth top plate
  • Disc Pump
    Disc Pump The disc pump uses a non-impingement device, known as the discpac, to pump product based on the principle of boundary layer/viscous drag
  • Rear Loader Refuse Truck
    Rear Loader Refuse Truck The International 4000 refuse truck offers a fully electronic engine
  • Transporters
    Transporters These large capacity transports are designed for a range of applications in the oil, aerospace, and marine industries
  • IBC Tote Bin Scale
    IBC Tote Bin Scale The Model 4040 IBC ™ Tote Bin Scale is ruggedly designed, specifically for frequent on and off loading. The load being weighed may be placed anywhere on the platform, without affecting the accuracy of the scale. The platform scale combines solid-state operation with a highly functional design. The platform has sturdy four point support and is built ruggedly for use in harsh environments. The scale base is made of corrosion resistant dry powder coated steel. A 1/2" thick PVC deck on top of a steel frame provides added protection from corrosion.
  • Magnetic Separator The Deep Draw Drum is a permanent self-cleaning separator designed for heavy-duty, high-volume ferrous recover
  • Trailer Transit Moves
    Trailer Transit Moves Major Medical Equipment-Stat
  • New Roll-Off Scale
    New Roll-Off Scale Vulcan, a leading manufacturer of on-board scale systems for the refuse industry, has announced a new on-board roll-off scale
  • Restroom Truck and Service Module
    Restroom Truck and Service Module The 950-gal portable restroom truck and service module is designed to pump and transport waste from portable
  • Landfill Gas Vent Flares
    Landfill Gas Vent Flares The CF-5 solar ignition, low pressure gas vent flare offers a means for landfill gas odor control
  • Business License System
    Business License System The Business License System is designed for use by cities and counties to manage the issuance of Business Licenses and track historical detail about the Business Licenses. This system allows user-defined rates, penalties, interest, cash registers, cash drawers, license parameters, invoice parameters, statement parameters, and even cash receipt parameters.
  • MSDS Navigator CD Database
    MSDS Navigator CD Database Harness the power of the largest, most complete MSDS management database available on CD-ROM!
  • Roll-Off Truck
    Roll-Off Truck The 2000 Series refuse truck is designed to work in harsh work conditions
  • TheTerminator 5000 Shredder
    TheTerminator 5000 Shredder Manufactured by Komptech, The Terminator is a High Torque, Slow Speed shredder with a high metal tolerance
  • Hydraulic Controls
    Hydraulic Controls Hydraulic Controls
  • Dust Suppressant EnviroKleen is a dust suppressant that is odorless and colorless and said to be safe for human, animal and plant life
  • Vertical Balers
    Vertical Balers The vertical balers feature heavy-duty construction and advanced hydraulics
  • Industrial Stationary Compactors
    Industrial Stationary Compactors These compactors are well suited for heavy commercial or industrial applications requiring up to one container load
  • Shredder for Confidential Documents
    Shredder for Confidential Documents The MAC 1500D Shredder is designed for the destruction of
  • Terminator Shredder
    Terminator Shredder The fully adjustable tearing and cutting gap on the Terminator, a slow-running roller-crusher, helps the user
  • Transfer Trailer
    Transfer Trailer The unique J&J transfer trailer unloads horizontally, eliminating the dangerous problem of tipping at the landfill.
  • Epoleon N-11 The Epoleon N-11 is a fresh-scented formula specially designed for spray application and may be diluted up to 500 times with water to deodorize air-borne odors and neutral gases for landfills, sludge, compost and garbage.
  • Corrugated Cardboard Separator This fully automated OCC Separator is designed to slash
  • The Vulcan Dump Truck Scale
    The Vulcan Dump Truck Scale This scale is designed to accurately measure dump truck and/or trailer payload weights and to reliably operate in harsh environments
  • CORRU-FILL Many of you are currently buying and shipping with most popular loose fill product in the market today, polystyrene “Peanuts". "Peanuts" come in different shapes and bag sizes, however the most popular retail sizes are the 1.0, 1.5, 15.0, and 20.0 cubic foot bags. Despite the environmental concerns and the other negatives associated with the use of "Peanuts" they remain less costly for the shipper and the consumer.
  • Vantage Tipper
    Vantage Tipper Tapered smooth sided aluminum tipper trailer standard specifications incude tapered body front to rear
  • Roll on/Roll Off Energy Assisted Unit
    Roll on/Roll Off Energy Assisted Unit To be utilized with the standard polymer mixing and dosing unit
  • FLOWMETER CATALOG FLOWMETER CATALOG A New catalog from a flowmetermanufacturer of ...
  • Continuous Level Measurement Products
    Continuous Level Measurement Products BulkSonics is a line of ultrasonic continuous level measurement products designed specifically for bulk solids measurement applications
  • Treatment Aide BEI-100's organic enzymes create an environment that will not support algae...
  • GR-660 Carborne System
    GR-660 Carborne System The GR-660 Carborne System is configured around the Exploranium model GR-320 256 / 512 channel Portable Gamma Ray Spectrometer
  • Magnetic Traps
    Magnetic Traps

    Eriez' line of powerful, permanent magnetic Ferrous Traps provide magnetic protection for liquid lines and processing equipment...

  • Lifting Container Developed for applications with limited space availability, Plibac lifting container has two side handles located outside parts that allow for locking and unlocking of the unit
  • The Carousel Container System The carousel option shown above works well in apartment complexes where open spaces are not level
  • Bin Vibrators
    Bin Vibrators

    Eriez Bin Vibrators are used in applications ranging from the tiniest hopper to huge bunkers...

  • CT-5 Small Volume Compost System
    CT-5 Small Volume Compost System The design of the CT-5 was developed for the smaller volume operator and incorporates a hydraulic ram that pushes the
  • Super Curbster
    Super Curbster The Super Curbster is Haul-All's alley and narrow lane specialist
  • Commercial Waste Container
    Commercial Waste Container The 4200 commercial waste containers are designed for front-load lifters
  • 2) 1992 FORD LNT9000s
    2) 1992 FORD LNT9000s 260 h.p. Cummins, 8 speed, 46,000 lb. rears, 60,000 lb. roll-off. New paint.
  • Double Dump Trailer
    Double Dump Trailer This new double dump trailer that can carry a gross vehicle
  • Manual Side Loader
    Manual Side Loader This Manual Side Loader (MSL) is a well-suited addition to those fleets interested in single-operator residential
  • Air Classifier Vacuum Separator Assembly
    Air Classifier Vacuum Separator Assembly KWS & Associates, Inc air classifier Vacuum separator assembly consists of a main air plenum, support frame assembly, fan drive assembly, cross-belt take-away sliderbed conveyor, and a belt vibrator bar assembly which is located on the main transfer sliderbed conveyor
  • Recyclable's Container This 60-liter container for collecting recycle-bound bottles and cans is made of thermoplastics ...
  • Referral Services
    Referral Services Members of this organization are offered a range of services for environmental products and services
  • Utility Trucks
    Utility Trucks Utility Trucks can be used for housekeeping and linen services
  • Boring System
    Boring System The Pro-Vac Directional Boring System has space available for water tank and pressure washer for pothole applications
  • DISPOSAL SERVICES We at AnyWaste understand that no one disposal facility or organization can handle all waste streams in the most environmentally sound or cost-effective manner. Whether it
  • Safety Sorb Fuel and Solvent Adsorbent Safety Sorb is a solution for spills of volatile hydrocarbons such as gasoline, racing fuel, airplane fuel, and other flammable solvents
  • Industrial Strength Concentrate
    Industrial Strength Concentrate Eliminator is not a soap, detergent or petroleum solvent
  • Universal Mount Three-Point Sweeper RHFA attachment rotary sweeper attaches to ASAE Cat. I or
  • Mammoth Series Truck
    Mammoth Series Truck specifications of the Mammoth Series Truck
  • Composter
    Composter The Classic Composter II produces rich dark humus, within 6-
  • Portable Baler
    Portable Baler The Roadrunner portable baler/logger offers fast set-up and take down
  • Medium and Heavy Duty Poly-Kart
    Medium and Heavy Duty Poly-Kart Medium and Heavy Duty Poly Karts provide safe, clean, and cost-effective methods for transporting waste
  • Picking Station
    Picking Station The Morbark picking station is designed for the manual sorting of green waste, paper, plastic, glass, construction
  • Well Seal
    Well Seal WELGARD Membrane Well Seal is a 100-ft.² impermeable membrane attached to the well casing with a flexible boot.
  • Horizontal Discharge Trailer
    Horizontal Discharge Trailer Capable of discharging 45 cu. yd of viscous sludge or fly ash, the East Sludge/Fly Ash Pusher offers dump stability with no elevation
  • Condensing WESPTM
    Condensing WESPTM Croll-Reynolds’ patented CONDENSING WESPTM
  • Institutional Food Composting
    Institutional Food Composting The Earth Tub™ is a low-cost composting vessel designed for use at universities, resorts, hotels, nursing homes and other institutions
    VOYAGER COMFORT SERIES -EXTREME The Voyager Extreme is anything but an ordinary seat
  • Composting
    Composting Now a growing part of RRT’s business, the company has built a large number of facilities that prepare incoming wastes
  • Integrated Solid Waste Management Book By Lanny Hickman
    Integrated Solid Waste Management Book By Lanny Hickman This book, published in 1999 has already proven itself a favorite of practioneers in the field, regulators, and academicians throughout North America
  • Liquid Propane Litter Collection Vehicle
    Liquid Propane Litter Collection Vehicle The 101-LP is a liquid propane four wheel front drive
  • Liquid Extraction Systems The M-100PC is best suited where liquid waste can be processed on a continuous basis
  • Enlarged Hose End
    Enlarged Hose End This product is similar to a soft cuff hose
  • Tire Sealant
    Tire Sealant MULTI-SEAL Air Lock tire technology is designed to provide
  • Ultraseal 5 gal pail
    Ultraseal 5 gal pail Seals porosity leaks