• TheTopturn 4000 Windrow Turner
    TheTopturn 4000 Windrow Turner Manufactured by Komptech, The TopTurn represents the state-of-the-art in windrow turning equipment
  • SL-95 LIFTING CAPACITY Minimum of 9,000 pounds dumping and lifting capacity with a minimum of 58 degree dump angle, with at least a 40" truck frame height
  • Roto-Lift
    Roto-Lift Roto-Lift Plastic Lids are rotationally molded out of tough crosslink or linear polyethylene resin.
  • (4) 1994 FORD L8000s
    (4) 1994 FORD L8000s 250 h.p. Cummins, automatic, 40,000 lb. rears, 25 yd. Dempster Route King. New paint.
  • Material Collection
    Material Collection The TWISTER is an efficient, low maintenance direct drive
  • Tow Behind Windrow Turners
    Tow Behind Windrow Turners We build the world’s finest windrow turners and have become the leader in composting equipment
  • Chemical Grout Scotch-Seal chemical grout is FDA approved and is certified for use with potable water contact
  • Residential Versa-Karts
    Residential Versa-Karts For a variety of home usage applications, the Residential Versa-Kart® is manufactured in 35, 60, and 90 gallon sizes
  • Manual Side Loader
    Manual Side Loader The Manual Side Loader (MSL) is designed for single-operator residential refuse collection
  • Inside Environmental Inspections
    Inside Environmental Inspections This comprehensive interview with EPA Region 2 Head John Kushwara takes a look at inspector training requirements, EPA field inspections, requirements, and priorities, and how to determine major versus minor violations
  • Municipal Waste As a Consultant at Gershman, Brickner & Bratton, Inc., gained experience in all aspects of waste management planning and implementation on behalf of municipal clients throughout the U.S. Managed development of procurement documents, completed economic life-cycle computer analyses, co-signed two bond feasibility reports, secured U.S. DOE grant application, and prepared environmental impact analyses.
  • Digestion System
    Digestion System The 36-well HotBlock is a corrosion proof digestion system for metals analysis
  • Single Ram Baler
    Single Ram Baler The HV9 and HV10 single ram balers offer single sheet, interlocking construction
  • Other Services Other servives are offered by Aseptic Services Inc
  • Millennium III
    Millennium III Rover Data is a small company with 12 years of experience and many satisfied users
  • Aluminum Body Dump Trailer
    Aluminum Body Dump Trailer The Aluminum Frame/Aluminum Body Dump Trailers have been engineered to haul bulk commodities
  • Picking Station
    Picking Station The picking station is designed for manual sorting of various waste products
  • Urban Waste Series adds New Book The Urban Waste Expertise Programme (UWEP) has added a fifth title to its Urban Waste Series: "Solid Waste Management in Latin America—The case of small and micro-enterprises"
  • Steel Body Dump Trailer
    Steel Body Dump Trailer The DynaHauler FTA is built to handle excavation, construction materials and other demanding applications
  • OTR Tire Shredding
    OTR Tire Shredding From small to gargantuan, versatile SSI tire shredders get the job done
  • Vertical Balers
    Vertical Balers The vertical balers feature heavy-duty construction and advanced hydraulics
  • Hydraulic Hook Lift Loader
    Hydraulic Hook Lift Loader Featuring twin seven-in. bore cylinders, the Model 174-20-65 can load, haul and dump container lengths from 18 to 22 ft
  • Refuse Compactors
    Refuse Compactors The BC671RB and BC771RB Refuse Compactors offer high operating weights and engine power for operation in the
  • Self Cleaning Grates
    Self Cleaning Grates

    Grate in Housing cleaning is completely automated for continuous product flows with Eriez Automatic GH12 Tramp Iron Grate in Housings.

  • Nedland Receiver Containers
    Nedland Receiver Containers Nedland Receiver Containers are manufactured in sizes from 21 Cu Yds to 44 Cu Yds and lengths from 14' to 22' Nedland Receiver Containers are backed by Nedlands more than 50 years of Service, Design and Manufacturing experience.
  • Frontload Containers
    Frontload Containers For over 25 years Bes-Pac has been engineering and manufacturing containers for industrial and commercial use
  • Packer Bodies
    Packer Bodies Various types of packer bodies are available for trash and recycling pick-up services
  • Tire Shredders Granulators Tire Debeaders Wheel Crushers
    Tire Shredders Granulators Tire Debeaders Wheel Crushers Features of the Tire Shredders Granulators Tire Debeaders Wheel Crushers
  • Refuse Containment
    Refuse Containment The FL283 Front Load, Low-Profile Container is suitable for apartment complexes, schools, hospitals and public use.
  • Height Profile Sensor
    Height Profile Sensor The DMH Height Profile Sensor uses a two-dimensional receptor array made up of 32 x 32 pixel image components to evaluate data
  • Transport Trailer
    Transport Trailer Heavy duty aluminum construction side posts, skin and live floor, the refuse transport trailer is designed to empty an entire load in 8 to 12 minutes
  • Reporting Reporting
  • Heavy Duty Rear Loader
    Heavy Duty Rear Loader The Heavy Duty Rear Loader is a standard rear loader fitted with heavier duty cylinders
  • Model CF35D2 / BF35D2 Portable Screening Plants
    Model CF35D2 / BF35D2 Portable Screening Plants SCREEN USA Model CF35D2 / BF35D2 are heavy-duty, portable screening plants designed for the small producer with a one to three yard bucket loader
  • Dump Body
    Dump Body Featuring 10-in. deep flanged longmembers, the DuraClass HPT 316 eliminates subframe crossmembers
  • Eight Yard Mini-box
    Eight Yard Mini-box 3 yard to 10 yard models available
  • Epoleon G-100 Epoleon G-100 was formulated to eliminate the malodors from decomposed bodies and organs in forensic labs, funeral homes and mortuaries.
  • Landfill Pump The EZ Products' EZ Pump is a light-weight, down-hole air pump that was designed to be maintenance free...
  • Start Up Businesses
    Start Up Businesses There is nothing more exciting then going into business for yourself
  • City Cart
    City Cart This 65-gallon CityCart is a collection cart that has been specifically designed to
  • East Aluminum Dropdeck Trailer
    East Aluminum Dropdeck Trailer Unitized construction of the East Aluminum dropdeck provides better strength to weight ratio increasing productivity and efficiency
  • Magnum 260 Trommel Screen
    Magnum 260 Trommel Screen The FARWICK “magnum” is for users looking for a fully
  • Environmental Drainage Matting
    Environmental Drainage Matting Featuring a non-woven filter fabric bonded to one or both sides, Enkanet is a three-dimensional matting of extruded high-density polyethylene
  • Transfer Stations
    Transfer Stations Through innovative design, the Transtor minimizes capital and site development costs, and through flexible routing, it maximizes trailer utilization
  • Laser Measurement System
    Laser Measurement System The operating principle of the non-contact Laser Measurement System (LMS) is based on time-of-flight measurement
  • Compressor Packages
    Compressor Packages LFG Specialties designs, manufactures and supplies a complete range of gas recovery/delivery packages for the waste
  • Self-Propelled Pumping System
    Self-Propelled Pumping System The LWT Pit Hog Robotic Crawler is a track-mounted, remote-controlled, submersible, self-propelled crawling pumping system
  • Portable Soil Analysis Kit
    Portable Soil Analysis Kit The RemediAid test kit determines the amount of...
  • Model 6040: Transportable Sorting Station
    Model 6040: Transportable Sorting Station Model 6040: Transportable Sorting Station
  • General Purpose Floor Scales
    General Purpose Floor Scales The Aegis Basic and Aegis Basic Intalogix scales are rugged, mild steel floor scales for general purpose weighing applications
  • Heavy-Duty Metallic Aggregate Floor Topping for Concrete
    Heavy-Duty Metallic Aggregate Floor Topping for Concrete The Mastertop 300 Anvil-Top metallic aggregate floor systems can be used in waste transfer facilities
  • Packer 750 Grinder
    Packer 750 Grinder Grinding Hopper and Chamber Fully Enclosed-Options: Screen Sizes Available 1", 2", 3", 4", and 5"
  • Open Top Roll-off Containers
    Open Top Roll-off Containers Available in a range of styles and capacities, the E-Z Pack Open Top Roll-off Containers are engineered for strength and durability
  • Clement Frametype
    Clement Frametype Clement Frametype
  • Trommel
    Trommel The Olympian stand 13 ft 5 in. tall, extends 57 feet and weighs more than 72,000 pounds
  • Luggers
    Luggers With 100% welding and priming inside and out, these luggers are designed to be durable and leak resistant.
  • High-Intensity Magnetic Filters
    High-Intensity Magnetic Filters

    The magnetic collection of fine particles requires a high-intensity, high-gradient magnetic field. An electromagnetic matrix-type separator, referred to as a magnet filter, has proven to be the most effective method of separation...

  • Firewood Processor Model 3040XP-90
    Firewood Processor Model 3040XP-90 Multitek Model 3040XP-90 turns Low-grade Logs into Firewood
  • IQ plus® 355 Digital Weight Indicator
    IQ plus® 355 Digital Weight Indicator The IQ plus® 355 Digital Weight Indicator features
  • Rentals
    Rentals Trucks & Parts rents the trucks you need! Our rentals are available by the week, month, or longer
  • Emergency Spill Kit
    Emergency Spill Kit Midwest Environmental Services is proud to offer emergency spill kits
  • Epoleon NnZ Epoleon NnZ is a catalytic deodorizer that is non-toxic, non-hazardous and non-corrosive.
  • ASTM Class 0-7, Test Weights
    ASTM Class 0-7, Test Weights Rice Lake sets the industry standard with a 4-day turnaround on new masses, calibrations, and recalibrations. Our laboratory weights and precision mass standards conform to ASTM Class 0 through Class 7
  • Nozzles
    Nozzles Expanding a system’s contacting ability for dissolving treatment gases, the patented Mass Transfer Multiplier is capable of enhancing the distribution of dissolved gases
  • Rear Loaders
    Rear Loaders Apollo rear loaders successfully combine performance and economy, making them ideal for residential applications.
  • Epoleon N-7C Epoleon N-7C formula has the ability to react with a broad range of gases.
  • Solid Waste Management Video Series “Our Urban Environment: Solid Waste Issues and Options” is an 8-part video series featuring interviews from state
  • Scrubber Air Pollution Control
    Scrubber Air Pollution Control The system used to prevent acid gases and heavy metals from being discharged to the atmosphere is called an Air Pollution Control System (Scrubber
  • Atomization Delivery System
    Atomization Delivery System

    Throughout the atomization process, Ecosorb® odor eliminator is mixed with water, pumped through pipes/hoses and delivered via nozzles or fans to areas affected by odor. After the Ecosorb® droplets are dispersed into the air they neutralize odors on contact. The major advantage of atomization nozzle systems is the level of control they provide. Through various means of control, depending on system style and design, the volume of product dispersed can be regulated.

  • Foldable Container
    Foldable Container Developed for applications with limited space availability, Plibac lifting container has two side handles located outside parts that allow for locking and unlocking of the unit
  • Rail Scale
    Rail Scale Rail Hugger scales are engineered to give users an alternative to rail scales
  • Convert-A-Cap SC01 Head Protector
    Convert-A-Cap SC01 Head Protector Convert any baseball cap into a piece of protective headgear offering a mild form of head protection.
  • Diesel Engines
    Diesel Engines PowerTech 8.1L engines, consisting of three models from 200
  • Multi-Line Chassis Lubrication System
    Multi-Line Chassis Lubrication System The AC pump is electronically powered from the vehicle ignition system, delivering metered quantities of lubricant
  • Portable Litter Collector
    Portable Litter Collector MADVAC 61 vacuums cans, bottles, newspapers, plastic and
  • IQ Plus 710 Digital Weight Indicator
    IQ Plus 710 Digital Weight Indicator The IQ plus 710 simplifies data management. Two standard serial communication ports allow the flexibility to transmit weight information to a printer, programmable indicator, PC or other data collection devices
  • Eddy Current Separators
    Eddy Current Separators Eddy current separators are used in the recycling industry
  • Small Tractors
    Small Tractors The BX Series tractors are designed to combine the strength and versatility of a compact utility tractor with the feel
  • Surface Contact Products
    Surface Contact Products Surface contact products are, as the name implies, applied directly to the surface of any liquid or solid substrate where odors are generated, including floors and walls.
  • TomCat 6 and 10 yd<sup>3</sup> Manual Side Loaders
    TomCat 6 and 10 yd3 Manual Side Loaders TomCat 6 and 10 yd3 Manual Side Loaders
  • Pipe Liner Subtitled, "U-Liner(The Pipe Within A Pipe)", this four-color, four-page product literature describes the ...
  • Waste Containers
    Waste Containers AEP's attractive, streamlined containers are easily maneuverable and fit through narrow doorways. The smooth surface, coordinated colors, and functional design allow for placement in any environment
  • Trenchless Replacement System
    Trenchless Replacement System The IMPIPE system crushes existing clay, non-reinforced concrete or cast iron pipe and replaces it with high density polyethylene pipe of the same or larger diameter
  • Clamshell Buckets
    Clamshell Buckets For Loader-Backhoes Wheel & Track Excavators
  • Automated Caster Carts
    Automated Caster Carts Automated Caster Carts can be dumped manually or with a variety of Lifters.
  • Post Side Trailers
    Post Side Trailers VANTAGE tapered, aluminum dump trailers were designed with the user in mind to eliminate the biggest, most perplexing problem in the hauling business... sticking/clogging materials. This problem translates into lost time and dollars, plus the possibility of tip-overs during unloading.
  • Dewatering Screen
    Dewatering Screen The Velco Dewatering Screen from Linatex is exhibited in 5-page, full-color brochure. The brochure describes the different...
  • Skid Steers
    Skid Steers The company manufactures four 1800 Series skid steers and four heavy-lift XT models
  • Waste to Energy Features
    Waste to Energy Features There are several options to convert waste heat energy to electrical power
  • 4 Button System
    4 Button System The 4 button system can control your Medium equipment or operational needs
  • Safety Faucets The economy safety faucet dispenses solvents and other hazardous or flammable liquids from drums or distribution
  • Three-Point Mount Angle Brooms Designed for all kinds of ground maintenance applications
  • Bale Breaker
    Bale Breaker This bale breaker has been designed for secondary fiber processing requirements and handles a
  • Recycling Body
    Recycling Body The Top Select comes in two models: the Top Select 1000 with its right-hand side single bucket system and the 2000
  • Chemical Foaming Agents (CFAs)
    Chemical Foaming Agents (CFAs) EPI manufactures a superior line of chemical foaming agents (CFA’s, also known as blowing agents), under the names EPIcor
  • 1993 G&H Rear Loader
    1993 G&H Rear Loader 3 compartment 30 yd. body. Each compacts and ejects separately
  • RBA Shredders
    RBA Shredders The RBA Shredders include applications such as; Construction & Demolition Debris, Concrete, Volume Reduction of Bulky Waste, Tires, Municipal Solid Waste, and Reduction of Stumps.
  • 1998 Government Requirements Catalog The "Government Institute Publications Catalog 1998" is comprised of 36, two-color pages, plus cover...